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What is this all about?

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Nongyu te Syulang Swokioang'itan:
I'm a bit confused. What's this all about? Is it actually people leaving town and moving onto an island or something? Or is it an internet community of some kind?

Tirea Aean:
as far as I can tell from loosely keeping tabs on this board, these people are serious. but thus far it's all discussion and planning. Personally I would love to see it succeed and make headlines.

Nongyu te Syulang Swokioang'itan:
AWESOME!!!!!!! But where would it be? Madagaskar?

Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä:
That's just what all the planning is all about, you can't just claim an island to be yours, you need alot of permissions, and planning.
For starters we need permission from the government.

Right now, it is an internet community, which is intending on reaching real-life goals and changes, those being to move out - for real - to the forest in some place in the world.

--- Quote from: Nantang tihusahaw on January 08, 2012, 03:08:21 am ---AWESOME!!!!!!! But where would it be? Madagaskar?
--- End quote ---
Well, as Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä (I copied that name, NO WAY I'm gonna try spelling that ;D) put it, that's what we are trying to find out. And with the lack of activity over the last "few" months... it's not easy at all.

But the major obstacles are agreeing on location, and funding (getting money). We want to, in a way, break free from the insanity of the modern world but to do that, sadly, we need money, lots of it.

And about the location; you can check my chart to see some of the points we're discussing in location research.


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