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So, Im new here. Although I have reffered to this site often, I want to stop the spread of misinformation about these songs and their lyrics!
Disclaimer: As Horner mentioned many a time, these are mostly Na'vi syllables! Sorry to disappoint!

I will post here in a simple form what they are for you guys. And I'll also provide the arranged choral/orchestral files I found this from.
This was re arranged for a different orchestra, however this means they had access to a copy of the original. So by extension, no reason to change sounds or anything.
Link to the vid of said orchestra performing it:

Jakes flight

Ta ka, ti ru pey

ti ru ka ru pey

ti ru ka ru, pey ka-

ti-ru, ka-ru, ka-ru, te ta-

ta ma pey ru pa te ti-pa-te-ti-mi leyn__

(Ki - Rey!)


Ta ka ti tu___

pey pa ra te te__

Pe so___________________

Pa ta ti -  pa-ta-ti  ta-ti-ka____

-na -ni -ta -ti -ti pa ka na mi ah!__________

(short instrumental)

Te na ku____________

(long, sad instrumental)

Utralä (a) Nawm~


Utralä (a) Nawm~


A peyä tìtxur mi hinam- awngeyä~

l(u) ayoeng_____


Ka-pa,  ka-pa,  rey - u   rey -u,

Ka-pa,  re-ta,   tey - u   tey -u,

Ka-pa,  ka-pa,  rey - u   rey -u,   tey - u   tey -u,   ka-te,   ka-te!

(any other vocals are displayed as "ah"s)

That's all guys! Hope this helps!! <3   ;D  :palulukan:

Meetups / Re: Learn Na'vi Member Map v2.0
« Last post by Eana Unil on Yesterday at 09:50:03 am »
Ma Wind12,

I may have found a solution for you. Instead of opening the LN member map inside the Google Maps App, try to open it inside your tablet's browser (Chrome mobile or whatever). Then it should work, at least it did on my tablet (Android).

Lemme know if this worked for you, rutxe :)
Music / Re: What are you currently listening to?
« Last post by Eana Unil on July 15, 2018, 07:40:21 pm »
Beginners / Re: [For Beginners] FAQ (Please ask your questions here) - II
« Last post by Mech on July 15, 2018, 10:10:12 am »
The word "binary" is etymologically an adjective, from the latin word for "pair", so we would say something like "lemunsna".
Making-of / Re: Human Dynamo Workshop
« Last post by Toliman on July 15, 2018, 09:39:14 am »
O.o ... eltur tìtxen si :) :)
01001011 01100001 01101100 01110100 01111000 11000011 10101100 00100000 01101101 01100001 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100011 01101000 01100001 01101001 01100011
Science / Re: Astronomy thread/Kìng a teri tanhìä tìftia
« Last post by Toliman on July 15, 2018, 09:34:03 am »
But if sky condition will be good tonight, I will observe few nebulae more detailed through various nebulae filters.
And I did it.

I was under dark sky tonight ang sky conditions were really excellent. I observed nebulae with using of UHC, O-III and H-Beta filters.

M8 Lagoon Nebula, M20 Trifid nebula, M17 Swan nebula, M16 Eagle Nebula, NGC7000 North America Nebula, IC5067 Pelican Nebula, NGC 6992+6960 Veil Nebula, IC1318 A+B+C (nebulae complex arround star Gamma Cygni), NGC6888 Crescent Nebula, NGC 281 Pacman Nebula and IC1805+1848 (Soul and Heart Nebula).

Thanks excellent sky many of them was gorgeous even withouth filters and with filters it was just amazing - especially Veil Nebula through O-III filter.
Interesting is also IC1318 - this is not too faint, but for very light background of milky way it's almost impossible see it withouth UHC filter - with UHC light background disappear and nebulae are visible.

Syntax / Grammar / Re: How to build a sentence
« Last post by Tirea Aean on July 15, 2018, 02:17:16 am »
Oel palulukanit yom would be right  :)

Correct :)

Plumps, at Reply #3, offered the same solution (although in a different word order) on 24 October 2017. o.o
Beginners / Re: [For Beginners] FAQ (Please ask your questions here) - II
« Last post by Tirea Aean on July 15, 2018, 02:07:56 am »
Is there a word for 'binary'? Nimune maybe?
Anyway there is no word unfortunately.

Indeed there is no single word which means binary.  But the idea of a binary structure or system can be explained as one which supports only two possible options.

If you mean "base-two number" it's a bit different. Possibly "Number that contains only the numbers one and zero"?

I'm not even sure how to go about explaining counting systems (including octal itself relative to others) that differ from octal in Na'vi O_o.
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