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IMHO Canada is really bad option for meetup because we have at least one spammer here. Just imagine what will happened during meetup. Non-stop talking  ;D

;D Well, I know this might seem hard to believe despite my long posts here, but in person I am actually quite a shy and quiet person! hrh  :-[

The location of each AvatarMeet is not just decided by people on LearnNavi, but also people from ToS, AvatarMeet Facebook and through those who subscribe to the AvatarMeet newsletter.  A survey will be pulled together with suggested locations for everyone to vote on.

So far Lassen, Yellowstone Park and Vancouver apear to have been suggested her as far as I know.  Away from this forum, the Great Lakes and the Grand Canyon have also been suggested.

It is worth noting that if a place doesn't get chosen, there is nothing to stop those interested having their own meet up.  There have been mini-meets of Avatar fans in Colorado, New York and London over the years, that I aware of.

Also can we be a bit more respectful towards each other.  There are clearly differing views, but lets not start insulting each other.  Both venues are really good and have the positives and negatives.


The Great Lakes could be an interesting option depending on where it is. Where was this posted? Again, for me, it's not a matter of location, but rather accessibility and inclusion. I wouldn't mind having a look at that one too. You can post it here or you could message me about it. Irayo. :)
And for all of us, there are nearly endless restaurants of all kinds close by with food from all nationalities (too many to list here). So no matter where you're coming from or what your tastes are like, you're sure to find something that makes your tastebuds come alive. :)

North American food:





Greek & Middle Eastern:



Website Info / Re: Official Na'vi Dictionary
« Last post by wm.annis on Today at 06:31:54 pm »
Can we add later to the list of translations for mawkrr? It's how it is translated in one example in this Na'viteri post:
And can you add later as one of the definitions for mawkrr?  See:
AvatarMeet 2018 / Re: AvatarMeet 2018 North America (ideas and such)
« Last post by Ikxeru on Today at 05:55:53 pm »
Allrighty, here my $5,000 and two cents for the next meetup...

I have to be very careful about any announcement if it will be possible for me to attend to a meetup in North America in 2018 - so maybe I have an opinion that leads to a decision about a location and I even won't be able to attend. But anyway, here's my personal point-of-view:

When I plan a trip to a meetup, I don't just attend to the meetup and fly home. It takes me 16-24 hours roundtrip in the air to get to any airport in North America. So if I would have a one week vacation, I would spend 1/5th of it in the air in a plane. I want to see places, so I add a few extra days, weeks...  Going to Yellowstone would fit into this concept.
I could fly to LAX or LAS, take the interstate across Nevada, Utah, see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (and try to figure out where I have been once on the South Rim :D ). We all know that I love the desert. And then take back roads for like one week to get there, have a meetup and drive back - maybe to SFO or SEA - because I can. :)
Result: 3 weeks + a couple of days in Palm Spings and San Francisco.  DREAM VACATION, right?

BUT: My job allows me to do such trips - my bank account will not in 2018....  because AM2017 was very expensive for me (#LostAirlineTicket)

If the meetup would take place in a major city, next to an intercontinental airport (or within diving distance, like 400 miles)  I could convince myself to do a shorter 1 1/2 weeks trip to a meetup.
All other options are simply out of the question.

Just for fun, I just looked up Matrix Flightsearch and got this result:  cheapest ticket is for a whooping €1,900 round-tip in ECONOMY(!), which is like US$2,300.   I can almost fly BUSINESS to LAX for this price.
Dusseldorf (DUS) to Amsterdam (AMS) — Mon, Jul 16
KLM 1856
Dep: 12:25 pm - Arr: 1:25 pm - 1h 0m - Embraer RJ-190 - Economy (H)
Layover in AMS - 2h 15m
Amsterdam (AMS) to Los Angeles (LAX) — Mon, Jul 16
Delta 79
Dep: 3:40 pm - Arr: 6:30 pm - 11h 50m - Boeing 777 - Economy (Q)
Layover in LAX: 1h 55m
Los Angeles (LAX) to Salt Lake City (SLC) — Mon, Jul 16
Delta 1458
Dep: 8:25 pm - Arr: 11:15 pm - 1h 50m - Airbus A319 - Economy (Q)
Layover in SLC - 10h 30m   

Salt Lake City (SLC) to West Yellowstone (WYS) — Tue, Jul 17
Delta 4276
Dep: 9:45 am - Arr: 10:47 am - 1h 2m - Canadair Reg. Jet - Economy (Q)

Total travel time: 30h22m

NO WAY, I am going to do this. I would stick to my plan and fly to LAX and drive to see the world, not to see airports. But this is not an option in 2018.
Some things simply can't work.

(in comparison: A round-tip ticket to Vancouver is €1,000=US$1,250)
There are also a fresh food and seafood market close by at the Granville Island Market (no ferry needed), as well as many, many coffee houses, and bars and pubs. All right by the hotel.

Granville Island Market:

There are also museums, art galleries, aboriginal art museums, and theaters all close by for attendees who would like to partake in the arts and history.

Not to mention there are many, many urban parks close to the accommodations to visit that include both forested and coastal areas.

Meetups / Re: Learn Na'vi Member Map v2.0
« Last post by Ertew on Today at 03:51:12 pm »
What? Do You have dynamic point, that updates every time You change location?
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