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Spam / Re: Last letter word!
« Last post by Vawmataw on Today at 06:05:15 pm »
Sole option for entropy is to increase
Learning Resources / Re: Dict-na' report
« Last post by Tirea Aean on Today at 12:26:50 pm »

I don’t know where the reasoning for olo’eyktan came from … could be that it’s a very old entry where I wasn’t ‘gatekeeper’ over the entry.

Most likely error by Taronyu that has survived all this time. o.o

I’m totally fine to change it to o-lo-’eyk-tan in accordance with the maximum-onset rule


’ongokx I took from the blog entry:

The intransitive verb ’ongokx [’•ong•okx] means ‘be born.’

I don’t know if that is an error on KP’s part but that’s how I entered it.

That looks like he went one more character too far to the right when selecting the text to apply an underline in Word. (Because as you can see, he didn't get the g from ng.) The post says (pasted, and enlarged):

’ongokx [’•ong•okx]

EDIT: Actually, dev tools reports that "didn't get the g from ng" is most likely due to font because the html says:

Code: (html) [Select]
<em>’ongokx</em> [<span style="text-decoration: underline;">’•ong</span>•okx]
But it’s true, it contradicts the more recent entry of tì’ongokx  :-\ By now I root for the latter, i.e. ’ongokx. Do we need confirmation on this?

To me it seems much more likely that it was intended to be 'o.ngokx. It doesn't make sense to have

tì’ongokx (n., tì.’O.ngokx) ‘birth’
( )

yet this:

’ongokx [’•ong•okx]
( )

So yeah, I'm in agreement as well.
Spam / Re: Can we get 90002 posts?
« Last post by Toliman on Today at 12:02:34 pm »
Good work! :) :)
When you read this:

and you see that something missing :nantang:
HRH! I read that URL and expected page to be like :nantang:

HRH ;D ;D I would to expect it too :nantang:
Spam / Re: Last letter word!
« Last post by archaic on Today at 12:00:19 pm »
'Entropy', perhaps?
Spam / Re: Can we get 90002 posts?
« Last post by archaic on Today at 11:55:04 am »
Interim version, not sure I'm done with it just yet.
Spam / Re: Last letter word!
« Last post by Toliman on Today at 11:52:27 am »
Seems that it can be true.
We like to keep a low profile.
Spam / Re: Last letter word!
« Last post by archaic on Today at 11:43:10 am »
Doesn't chaos already have a name, 'chaos'?
Website Info / Re: Official Na'vi Dictionary
« Last post by Tirea Aean on Today at 10:36:04 am »
I'm banging away at making time to update the dictionary. Stay tuned!   :D

If you don't have time, I do, with your permission ;)

Makto ko!

Does that mean you're doing it right now? (or is that the permission?)

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