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Science / Re: Astronomy thread/Kìng a teri tanhìä tìftia
« Last post by TEAgaming2154 on Today at 03:45:28 am »
My picture of M42  :)
Science / Re: Space news topic and space related news
« Last post by TEAgaming2154 on Today at 03:43:08 am »
Proxima Centauri b?
Nope, something different.
Science / Re: Space news topic and space related news
« Last post by archaic on Today at 03:24:36 am »
Proxima Centauri b?
Movies/TV / Re: Last Movie You Saw
« Last post by Toliman on Today at 03:17:15 am »

10 / 10
(tomorrow late tonight, again)

Just 3D and popcorn missing
Movies/TV / Re: Star Wars:Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
« Last post by archaic on Today at 03:13:00 am »
Leia dies, not looking forward to that bit. I guess she'll be back as a force ghost at some point?
Beginners / Re: Pivängkxo nìNa'vi Ko! Beginner Na'vi Chat Thread
« Last post by Wind12 on Today at 12:24:24 am »
Kaltxì nìmun! tse, yrrap zama'u fìtseng fìkaym, rawmpxom lamu wok nìtxan, ulte tompal 'ameko fìtsengit. set tompa zerup mi. Oeru sunu fìfnel yafkeykä. Ya lu wur set, slä ya lamu paynga' srekrr yrrap pähem.  Ayutralru lu pxaya 'opin set kop.  Oel yamom wutsoti payoangä hu sa'sem fìtxon.

Hello again! Well storm came here this late afternoon, thunder and lightning was loud, and rain attacked this place. Now rain falls still. I like this kind of weather. Are is cool now, but air was humid before storm arrive. Trees have many colors now also. I ate dinner of fish(catfish) with parents tonight.
Science / Re: Space news topic and space related news
« Last post by TEAgaming2154 on Yesterday at 10:28:49 pm »
It just might. In SpaceEngine, if you go to Proxima Centauri, you will find a planet with organic multicellular life.
Computer Science / Re: What wallpaper do you use on your PC?
« Last post by TEAgaming2154 on Yesterday at 10:26:13 pm »
Pure epicness.
General Avatar Discussion / Re: Favourite Na'vi?
« Last post by Jak Dawsiin on Yesterday at 05:30:10 pm »

Neytiri te Skaha Mo'at'ite  :-*
the ongoing theory is that colonel coffeecup and his main stooge, wainbrain, were actually human avatars controlled by their human counterparts at another location at hellsgate, maybe another facility on Pandora that is not known by Grace and the scientists, or an orbiting station in space above Pandora. all the leadership spots would maybe be human avatars and the rda mercs would be human cannon fodder, as would workers and science corps.

Grace and Trudy would be alive in Eywa, and communicate through the sacred trees, or maybe Eywa can give them bodies as a thanks of sorts, or as advisors in the balance of nature.

Selfie would return at some point, i guess. maybe he never left, going from the ISV to the orbiting station via the shuttle. there is much the rda/secops leadership would never reveal to the science corps, and would probably compartmentalize that information even to their forces and workers, so it is entirely possible there is a station in orbit, and perhaps outlying forces still on the planet, separate from the hellsgate complex.
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