Aytautral (Sky Trees)

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Seze Mune

Premal tasted the cooler evening air.  There were new scents here and she relished them, her tongue bringing the molecules to her olfactory nerves at the roof of her mouth.  Some she recognized as animal scents, which made her stomach growl.  It had been long hours since she'd eaten.  When they were connected, the blue animal would recognize this in the morning and maybe there would be hunting.  Oh yes, there would have to be hunting.  

She lifted a foot and flexed it, the talons clicking slightly.  Moss wasn't something she was used to - at least, not this deep spongy kind of moss here on the branch.  She put her foot down and squeezed the moss.  It felt good.  She swayed from foot to foot, measuring the 'give' of the branch and the depth of the moss underfoot.

A brilliant flicker of light caught her eye and she watched a small lizard arc out from the tree below and then drift slowly towards the ground, its red and purple lights undulating. These were rare in Iknimaya as they preferred warmer, moister climates than those found in the mountains. She wondered how they tasted.

She arched her back and stretched her wings to each side then hunkered down for the night, crouching forward on her thumbs while folding the rest of her wings against her haunches. She'd found a spot with lower overhanging foliage.  It helped her feel like she still had the protective walls of the cave around her.

The cave.  Her domain. An ache filled her heart.  She couldn't have guessed when the day began that she would end up in a tree.  With blue creatures.  ...and an ikran!  Atan!!  She almost lurched off the branch.  She didn't, yet she wasn't sure what strange compulsion kept her feet solidly on the branch.  Her talons flexed and she felt them bite deeply into the wood.  She tore out chunks of bark and moss and let them slip toward the ground.  Atan was hurt, probably dead.  She'd had no time to investigate....oh - and no time to defend him from Lutey!!  She roared in anguish, this time launching from the branch and taking flight towards...home.  But this was home, now.  Images of Na'vin came back to her and she was flooded with memories of her capture, their first flight, the sense of complete immersion in another creature so that there was no separation between herself and him.  Most of all, there was a deep abiding affection for him, something much deeper than she had ever known with any other being.  It was incomparable to the ikrans she'd known.  Even the fondness she had for Atan or for her mother seemed pale in comparison.

She banked sharply and returned to the branch, upset and hungry now.  Growling with anger, she heard a voice from below.  It was deep and soothing and a moment later Na'vin stood at her head.  He ran a warm hand down her neck and murmured things she didn't understand, but she knew he meant them for comfort.  She stared at him but in the dim light his eyes were shrouded.  She closed hers and lowered her head to his touch.  A choice had been made.  Na'vin was her kelutral, and he lived slärmì txe'lanä.

Na'vin Nos'feratxu

He was happy. Na'vin was very content with the moment.
Wangari was nestled close to his chest, under his arm. Their heart beats fell in sync with each other. They sat there peacefully listening to the night, slowly lulling them to sleep.
Her eyes were shut lightly, she was never this close to him before. He had kissed her earlier that day, she reflected on it. How it felt, how she felt.
A swelling in her chest, Wangari couldn't help but smile. She did her best to hide it.

Na'vin was relaxed and also reflecting on the day. He felt it, he understood now what it was he felt. He couldn't think of anything else that he wanted... Wangari was beside him, not as a friend, but much more.

A light quake was felt in the kelutral, Na'vin was not alarmed but rather opened his eyes while remaining still. The quake was such a jolt it startled Wangari out of her sleep, Na'vin kept her close to him.
Premal rumbled a growl, getting Na'vins attention. She sounded quite distressed....
Wangari turned and looked up at Na'vin who was wide awake and looking around slowly. He was back into his combat mode, but there was nothing around. It was still quiet and Premal continued with agitation.

Na'vin relaxed and turned his gaze back to Wangari, who looked in his eyes and found solace. He put his other hand on the side of her face and brought her closer to him.
His lips grazed on hers. It only lasted for a moment, Wangari was not sated with such a short kiss this time, she didn't let him move. A smile crept onto his face...

A jolt ran through kelutral again, shaking Na'vin and Wangari from their intimate moment. Na'vin was concerned this time. But Premal had jumped off the branch and seemed like she was leaving, but she banked back and landed back in the same spot. Na'vin gently stood up, leaving Wangari in place. He walked a short distance out on the giant limb to Premal. Wangari looked on watching them both carefully.
Na'vin uttered in a calm low voice, "Tam Tam, it's alright..."
Premal turned her gaze to Na'vin who then ran his hand alongside her face gently. This calmed her down for a moment. Na'vin knew something troubled her inside.

Wangari was propped up against Na'vins giant Blade, she ran her fingers down its shiny hard surface. Whatever it was made of was not from this world. She ran her finger tip to its edge and lightly touched it.
It cut her slightly, she looked at her finger. A hair line cut, she had barely touched the Blades edge!
Na'vin has used this Giant Blade on the grey creatures, on their machines, on rocks and trees. Yet she never has seen Na'vin sharpen the blade. It never went dull, "what is this thing?" she wondered.

Na'vin was very good at stealth, he stood beside Wangari whose attention was on his blade. She felt his presence and looked up at him. He was smiling at her, but then he noticed her finger.
She began to put her finger in her mouth, but Na'vin took her hand with such speed but very gently. He carefully put her cut finger in his mouth instead. The cut stopped burning and actually began to feel a lot better.
He removed her finger and it had stopped bleeding. He let go of her hand and repositioned himself next to her again...

Premal had settled down, Na'vin knew she was stressed within. He was going to help her... He knew she was thinking of the little Ikran that was at the fight. Premal and the other Tokran were in quite a battle and an Ikran lingered close by, injured... Na'vin knew Premal wanted to know if the ikran was ok, they would have to wait until morning to see...

Se'fin and Nel'kira were fast asleep against one another, the sight of them sleeping made Na'vin tired. Wangari had gotten comfortable and seemed to already be asleep.
A new day will come, and there will be much to do. Much to see and much to build.

Tomorrow, the clan will be found. The clan will no longer have to run... Na'vin was dire set on making sure the RDA paid for what they had done. He was going to have his vengeance...
His people will not suffer anymore, no more fear. Na'vin was going to lead them with his powerful Tokran and Wangari beside him.

Everyone was settled for the night, calm, quiet and at ease. Tomorrow is a new day, with much to do.


Na'vin Nos'feratxu

The ayayo gently brought Wangari out of sleep. Her head rested against Na'vins chest, his arm still around her. He was warm, Wangari was quite comfortable laying on him.
Wangari knew it was time to get up, her mind stirred with a new days needs... Food was one of those needs.
She didn't want to wake Na'vin... but she turned a little to look at him, he was already awake. Both eyes open, he was looking at her with a smile on his face.

"How long have you been awake?" Wangari questioned. Na'vin squeezed her gently reassuringly, "Not long, I didn't want to wake you."
Se'fin and Nel'kira had been up for a lot longer, they were busy investigating their new home together. Premal and Sulani made a little commotion, indicating it was time to eat.

Wangari stood up and stretched, Na'vin did the same. Premal was moving side-to-side anxiously. Na'vin picked up and tied his Blade on his back.
Making his way over to Premal, Na'vin attached his queue to her and was immediately bombarded with Premals thoughts. She had tremendous concern for the ikran that was injured.
Images also of the second Tokran were prominent in her mind.

Na'vin had other plans for the day, but Premal had her own. Na'vin had decided that Premal needed to eat, which would also give her the ability to investigate the injured Ikran.
Premal knew what Na'vin was thinking and hesitated to leave his side. She was hungry though....
"Ka... Premal." Na'vin detached himself from her and she dropped from the limb to go find food, and possibly see what happened to the Ikran from yesterday.
Sulani jumped off with Premal, Wangari had waved Sulani to go.


Seze Mune

Sulani struggled to keep up.  Premal's wings were long and powerful and with every wingstroke she advanced many ikran-lengths ahead of the laboring mother.  It didn't help that Sulani was weak from lack of food, but the tokran seemed unaffected by her stomach's demands.  The ikran screeched several times, her cries becoming slightly fainter.  Wingbeats later, Premal banked abruptly and came soaring back in her direction.  Sulani's heart hammered against her chest to see the huge predator bearing down on her, but she bravely kept up her momentum and flew to meet the beast.

Premal overflew her and then drew up alongside.

"I remember you.  You barely escaped me," she said through the clenched serrations of her teeth.

Sulani took a few wingbeats to catch her breath. "True.  But my 'itan..."

"...is Atan," finished Premal, swinging her massive head around to look at Sulani. "I know."

They continued winging their way back towards Iknimaya, mostly in silence.  The tokran paced herself to the weary ikran.

Premal stopped to hunt, taking a large male pa'li in a swooping attack, then dropping the animal from a great height.  It died of a broken neck on impact, its legs splayed at unnatural angles.  Premal ripped open the pa'li's belly and ate its heart and part of its liver.  She allowed Sulani to finish the liver and eat the kidneys while she worked on the meaty haunch muscles.  Between the two of them, only cracked bones and bits of the neural whips were left scattered on the ground.  Premal refreshed herself at a nearby river, then launched herself skyward.

Sulani felt better after her meal.  Cool water eased her thirst.  When she was done, she followed Premal into the blue Pandoran sky.  

Na'vin Nos'feratxu

"Col. Draik!" Dr. Beck called out across the Burning Gate Control Room..
"I need to speak with you right now, it's about the new proje.." Col. Draik interrupted Dr. Beck mid sentence. "I Dont have time for you right now Beck."

Draik was so stern in his reply that several coordinators had turned to see what the commotion was all about. The coordinators were responsible for directing the traffic of airships and other vehicles.
Beck was the only person in the room with a lab coat on, he felt a bit of pressure from everyone in the room. As if he were interrupting them...

Draik had his big muscular arms folded while he looked out the large window of the control room. Silence fell into the room for a moment.
"Colonel... It's about Na'vin." Beck continued after hesitating. "I really need to speak with you... privately."
Draik gave an irritated sigh, "Fine... meet me in my office in 5 minutes... This better be good."

Beck was pacing back and fourth inside Draiks office, when Draik finally entered the room Beck didn't even wait for Draik to say anything.
"Colonel, there's a problem... We cannot make avatars from the DNA of Na'vin, his DNA structure is too complicated for us to splice."
Draik sat into his office chair and leaned back, looking at Beck with a cold stare. "You don't have a clue what that damned blue monkey has done recently do you?"
Beck gave a puzzled face, "What are you talking about?! I'm trying to tell you that we can't clone Na'vin! What does it matter what he's done recently?!" Beck was red in the face.

Draik gave another irritated sigh, "Na'vin has done that 'bond' thing with a new species of Leonopterix. One of my research teams was investigating this new species when our little blue monkey showed up and took off with one of two leonopterix. It was reported that Na'vin was not alone either..."
Beck was rapt in what Draik was explaining, "A new species?! Why wasn't I notified! What else are you keeping from me?" Beck was nothing short of pissed off.
"You cant figure it out can you? Na'vin is rebuilding his clan. He's preparing to attack us... We need to find him and eliminate him, no more science, no more messing around."

Dr. Moon was outside Draiks office listening in, Draik continued to relay to Beck how Na'vin needed to be killed ASAP.
She new she had to do something to stop them, but what?! Na'vin has no idea that Draik is planning to annihilate him and his people.
Moon got a few more details then quickly moved away before someone became suspicious. Draik was sending a team of killers after Na'vin and everyone with him.

Dr. Moon went to the link room, she instructed the other scientists to send her in to her Avatar. She had to warn Na'vin, she had to do something.

The breeze picked up a bit, swaying the large branches side to side. Na'vin was hungry, he hadn't eaten anything it what seemed like days. Wangari was making something, she was stitching something together. it was long and made of vines. She was busy with her project, so Na'vin figured it must be something useful. With a second look it started to look like a hammock.
Na'vin figured he would make himself useful and get food for everyone. He yearned to hunt, something burned deep inside, an urge to stalk and kill prey.

Se'fin and Nelkira were making things too, but Na'vin was not concerned with it. He was hungry and surely so was everyone else. His blade was attached to his back and he waved at Wangari.
Wangari gave a smile in return, she new what he was up to. But then she noticed that the hammock she was making wasn't big enough... she had to start over...

They would all have to wait for Premal and Sulani to return before they could search out the clan. Na'vin figured they would be back soon, so now was a good time to prepare for the day.
Na'vin walked out to the tip of a huge tree limb, he glanced down. It was a long long way down, "Just like old times" Na'vin thought to himself.
Stepping off the limb, Na'vin fell. Gaining speed as he got closer and closer to the trees below. With a quick flip Na'vin brought his feet beneath him. Finally reaching the tree tops, Na'vin busted through several limbs.
Landing on the ground with a ground shaking thud, tree branches fell all around him. He was out of practice, not as graceful this time. No doubt scaring all the game away....

Now at the base of the Kelutral, Na'vin looked at the new home. It was perfect and would no doubt be a wonderful place to live. The waterfall could be seen from the top. Na'vin figured there would be some good hunting to be had near there. With a sigh of relief, Na'vin began a stealthy sprint through the woods. Making his way towards the waterfall, it shouldn't take him long to get there.
The hunt was on.


Seze Mune

The night had been both disturbing and profoundly comforting to Wangari.  Being held by Na'vin made her heart soar and it was hard to fall asleep as she lay against his warm skin.  The steady pulse of his heart lulled her. When she finally slept, an unexpected shockwave brought her to instant alertness.  Na'vin's presence helped calm her the first time, but when it happened again, she did not allow herself the luxury of more than dozing for a half hour at a time.  There was a disturbance in the na'ring and it was best they kept at least one mikyun attuned to it.

As she and Na'vin awoke and applied themselves to the needs of the day, Wangari felt slightly fatigued. The best thing she could do was take some of the medium-sized lianas and weave them into a sleeping hammock for them; after all, she was going to need to sleep sooner rather than later.  Besides, they hadn't eaten in awhile and hunting meat for their meals would surely tire them further.  Yes.  Get the hammock done first - food would come later.

It did not surprise Wangari that Na'vin readied himself for the hunt without a word to her.  After fastening his blade at his back, he caught her eye and gave her a quirky smile and a slight wave and was immediately gone from sight.  Wangari grinned and shook her head, the beads on her braids gently whispering on her shoulders.  It reminded her of his precipitous drop from ayRam aLusìng and how frightened for him she'd been.  By this time, she was beginning to suspect he enjoyed her reaction.

Laying the lianas aside, Wangari began to scout the area for tinder and dry wood.  Nel'kira and Se'fin were still investigating the grounds surrounding the new kelutral, leaving her by herself.  She shrugged and tossed an arm-sized branch onto a growing pile of wood.  When she'd left her home Clan, the 'Olo Aena Txampayä, to become a tsahìk numeyu of the Hufwe clan, she had not expected to do this kind of work again. Smiling, she shrugged again and turned to the understory trees looking for more fallen timber.

paradise garden and morning nature sounds of birds in Spring

Na'vin Nos'feratxu

Filler Content and background of Na'vin Nosferatu
~ Na'vin Nos'feratu Chronicles ~

Col. Draik was drinking his coffee, all the while watching a monitor of Na'vins new caged area. One screen had a dot on it that was a clear indicator of where Na'vin was, but Draik could not "see" him anywhere.
"Where are you my little blue monkey..." Draik wondered.

Na'vin was still fast asleep, inside the tree. His muddy clothes till covered the hole in the tree. It made the tree appear whole, his muddy clothes were the same color as the tree itself.
Nightmares haunted his sleep, Na'vin jerked constantly. He saw his family, his village, his people and how they were attacked. Na'vins mind was racked with pain.
A surge of anger swept him away further into his nightmare. He was still asleep, but started to sleep walk.

Na'vin fell out of the hole in the tree onto the ground, just missing the edge of the sabre that still lay propped up against the tree.
Standing now, Na'vin seemed dazed... Still asleep.

Draik finally saw this on camera and with a mild neglect looked to see what was wrong with Na'vin.
Beck happened to come by Draiks side to see what he was looking at. Na'vin was just standing there with an empty look on his face, his eyes hollow.
"Why is he naked?" Beck asked with a chuckle. Draik however, was not amused. Something was amiss, Na'vin looked different...

Draik had a flashback, Na'vins face reminded him of Na'vins Father... Na'valin. One of the biggest Na'vi Draik had ever seen.
Draik had sent a scan team to allocate a new area to dig for more Unubtanium. The team was wiped out in less than 30 seconds by a specific set of warriors.
The Hufwe clan was renowned for their fierce battle tactics, strength, speed and ability to outsmart the RDA. Draik worked for days to find where the Hufwe clan was hiding, losing men left and right.
Furious and dire set on getting rid of the Hufwe, Draik assembled a crew of heavy gunner AMP suits and elite Marines.
Through shear luck, the Hufwe clan was discovered. Draiks men were dispatched, and began their siege of the Hufwe.

Hufwe Warriors finally came from the shadows of the Forest. Many of the RDA got a good look at who they were dealing with. Massive warriors with the coldest of stares, no fear.
Of them was the tallest, the mightiest, the Olo... Na'vins father. Many scientists were baffled at what looked like a different kind of Na'vi people. A strict Warrior clan whose skills have been hardened through al lthe fights with the RDA. The Hufwe didn't get found by luck, they came forward to meet the fight head on.

That smile, that chilling, sharp, war thirsty smile... Na'valin, the Olo of the Hufwe wielded no weapons... His hands were his weapons.
The fight commenced, the Humans rained down a hail of bullets, the Hufwe warriors moved with such speed, dodging each shot until they were on top of the Humans.
Beck pleaded with Draik not to kill them, Moon also begged for the Na'vi lives that would be senselessly lost. Draik wanted them all dead... until he saw it.
Na'valin single handedly destroyed 3 AMP suits in less than 30 seconds, with his bare hands. Grabbing the first AMP suit and with tremendous strength hurled the Suit into a rock face wall.
The second suit got a shot off clipping Na'valin's shoulder, Na'valin rammed his fist through the cockpit windshield crushing the soldier inside. The third AMP suit driver witnessed the death of his comrades.
Instead of shooting Na'valin, the 3rd AMP suit driver dropped his rail gun and ran towards Na'valin head on. They clasped their hands together in a war of strength.
The AMP suit hissed and popped as Na'valin began to overpower the machine. Alarms began to ring off inside the AMP suit warning the driver of failure.
But it was too late, Na'vin broke the arms of the Suit. The machine fell backwards into the ground, leaving the man inside helpless.
That's when Draik saw it, Na'valin did not kill the man inside. On equal grounds warriors respect one another, the man in the Suit fought with his hands. Na'valin left him alive.

Draik gave in, for once he showed compassion towards the Hufwe. He gave the order capture and keep a few of the Na'vi warriors alive. But it was too late, Na'valin was grazed with another bullet, this time dead center in the chest, dropping him to the ground. Tse'lin, Na'valins mate saw him go down, and with heavy grief she retreated away from the fight. She found her young Na'vin, and ran away as far as she could...alone.

Draik shook the memories from his mind and looked at Na'vin through the monitor. He still just stood there, looking up into the sky.

--to be Continued...--


Seze Mune

As they resumed their flight, the two paced themselves. Premal trimmed her powerful wings and held herself back. Sulani pushed herself despite her weary body.

Her keen eyesight permitted Premal to see their destination at quite a distance.  What she saw sent a bolt of adrenalin through her and lent speed to her wings.

A crumpled heap on the ground was barely recognizable as Atan.  But what made Premal strain for more airspeed, completely forgetting Sulani, was the regal figure sitting next to his limp form.

Even in silhouette, her murderous sister was recognizable. 

When she saw Lutey bend towards Atan's unmoving body, Premal screamed in frustration and outrage.   NOT AGAIN!  She will not take an innocent ikran life, yet AGAIN!!  Premal bore down upon her sister, straining every fiber of her body.  This time, she vowed, the outcome would be different....it HAD to be.

Na'vin Nos'feratxu

Dr. Moon awoke in her Avatar body, outside in a building with nets draped over her cot where she was laying. What was she thinking?
What was she going to do? Warning Na'vin is not going to be easy. Moon needed to get wherever he was, but where was he?!

Col. Draik mentioned in his conversation that Na'vin had obtained his own leonopterix... Dr. Moon felt a swarm of pride for Na'vin, but now was not the time to....wait, that's it!
Dr. Moon needed to find this new Species and follow it back to him! It would no doubt lead her right to him!  But, how?
There was a lab outside for the use of Avatar drivers, the Avatars had access to it. Moon was in there on a daily basis, so it wouldn't seem unusual for her to research this new species and its whereabouts.

Moon proceeded into the facility, the usual science team was there but something was hanging in the air, Dr. Moon could feel it.
Without hesitation she proceeded to a workstation with a holographic diagram of the Real Time image of a specific area. Everything was projected in real time, a large layout of the land and the sky in 3D.
Every flying bird to every waterfall was in motion right in front of her. A satellite projected a specific area for observation.

Dr. Moon began to move the satellites position remotely so she could get a view of the area with the floating mountains. She knew he was close to the mountains because that's where Draik said his team witnessed Na'vin taking the new Leo species.
Dr. Moons actions aroused suspicion, one of the scientists came up to Moon and questioned. "What are you doing?"
The Satellite was in position, the mountains littered the holographic podium and what a beautiful sight it was. "The Floating mountains? ..Dr. Moon what are you looking for there?"
The scientist who questioned Moon, was an intern for the RDA species research team. His name was Cole, and he was a very ambitions, by the book, hardcase.
Moon failed to reply to both his questions, she was focused on the mountains looking for something, anything that would give her a clue...

"You know, you are messing with our work over here, you could at least tell me what you're looking for." Cole implored.
Moon gave a sigh, then turned her head to look at the Avatar that belonged to Cole. The eyes of his Avatar were more green than yellow. His face seemed relaxed, which also put Moon at ease.
He doesn't know what she is doing, so why is she acting out of the ordinary?

Moon thought for a second, then devised a plan of misconception. "Do I need to remind you of your place, and what I am in charge of?" Moon replied with a relaxed tone.
Cole was a bit surprised by this response... "No ma'am, I am well aware of rank and position... But I couldn't help but notice you messing with my work." he replied.
"Your work, belongs to me. Just as you belong to my team, I control all science divisions along with Dr. Beck, So whatever I am doing, is more important than what you're doing."
Moon hadn't intended to sound so forward, but it got the point across. Cole looked away for a moment, then recovered with a reply of solace.
"I am sorry Miss Moon, my mistake. What I meant to say was, how can I be of service?" Cole was a keen and very smart individual, he knew she was stressed about something.
Dr. Moon was surprised by the response. Instead of doing this on her own, she could use him to help her find Na'vin and.... Wait, what's this!?

The Holographic podium projected the mountains, but something caught Dr. Moons eye. There was movement, a lot of movement... Moon had stopped paying attention to
Cole and snapped to what looked like a group of Na'vi. They were moving together, a large number of them. 30 maybe 40 Na'vi crossed an open area beside the mountains.
Also taking notice, Cole looked over and saw them too. He looked at Moon who also looked back at him. Moon grabbed his arm and said softly in his ear, "I need to speak to you alone and in private."
Cole knew this was something important, and agreed to hear Dr. Moon.


On the opposite side of the mountains, Na'vin had made his way over to the near by Waterfall, he approached very quietly. He wanted to impress Wangari with a successful hunt.
There was a light breeze, smells came across the air and filled Na'vin as he began to search for worthy prey. Na'vin stood still, inhaled deeply but quietly. The forest emitted all kinds of scents, but it was the subtle smells that Na'vin focused on. It wasn't possible to hear anything, the waterfall flooded the air with noise, which would make it easier to sneak up on game but also was a disadvantage at the same time. Na'vin couldn't hear anything but the waterfall, so he would have to focus on his sight and smell to locate food.

And there it was... A yerik poised itself at the opposite side of the waterfall, this would be a challenge... There was no angle to sneak up on the Yerik, it had the best possible spot to observe the entire area. It had an escape route right behind it... Behind it was the only blind spot it had, but trying to get there would alert the Yerik.
Na'vin kept his eyes trained on the rather large animal, it was bigger than he was used to seeing. It would feed him and the others for at least a few days.

There was no way around it, Na'vin couldn't think of any possible way to get it. Unless....
Na'vin very slowly removed his Sabre from its sheath, its weight became apparent to Na'vin, having not eaten for some time now. Fatigue had set in as he had used the rest of his energy just getting to this spot...
He had to throw his sabre at the Yerik, a very reckless tactic that if done incorrectly the Yerik would escape along with the rest of Na'vins energy.
Now as focused as he could Na'vin slid his left leg forward, he flattened out in a way that would enable him to lunge forward with his right leg creating enough momentum to throw the Sabre.
The Yerik was still unaware and drinking from the water at its feet... A unusually loud snap echoed from the woods, the Yerik rose its head in alertness!
Na'vin had to throw it right now! Or the Yerik would escape!

With all his might Na'vin threw his right leg forward planting it hard into the dirt with a tremendous *Thud* and in an overhead motion, Na'vin hurled his sabre into a fast spinning boomerang.
It flew at a strange angle, an angle Na'vin didn't intend.... There was a rock sticking up slightly from the water, the Sabre nicked the top of it shooting sparks in all directions ringing out a loud *Clang*
The Yerik jerked to see the Sabre coming towards it, but there simply wasn't enough time for it to move. The Sabre found its target, but it had lost so much momentum that instead of cutting the Yerik, it simply pummeled the animal with its own weight.  The sabre forced the Yerik to the ground so hard that it crushed all the bones in its side and back, kicking up a chunk of dirt and rocks as the sabre planted itself into the yerik and the ground.

Na'vin was relieved he hadn't missed. He stood up and walked to the bank of the Waterfalls edge. His smile quickly vanished...
It made sense now... The Snapping sound from before, the one that alerted the Yerik, was caused by something else. Na'vin found himself starring into the eyes of a Palulukan across the bank where his sabre sat.
Images of his previous fight long ago with a palulukan excited him. But this was different, Na'vin was very tired and hungry... And this Palulukan was quite healthy... Running away did not seem possible...

"Wiya..." Na'vin was in trouble... But what happened next surprised him even more.
The Palulukan turned and snatched up the Yerik AND his sabre!! With one last look at Na'vin, the Palulukan turned and ran into the forest.
He couldn't afford to lose his catch AND his weapon! Na'vin summed up enough strength to give chase, jumping to the stone in the water then jumping again to the other side of the waterfall.
Full out running as hard as he could, Na'vin was so tired he couldn't keep up with the palulukan...

The palulukan began to pull away, out of sight...


Seze Mune

Lutey peered closely at Atan.  His eyes were closed.  She leaned closer and nosed his neck.  His head rolled to the side.  This was not a good sign. It took a moment or two before she realized he was breathing, though shallowly.   Ah,still alive, she thought.  

She crouched next to him for awhile, senses alert to the life around her. When a flock of ikranay came flitting between her and the next floating mountain, she decided Atan wouldn't mind her absence for awhile as she tamed the grumbling in her stomach.

Gently and oh-so-nonchalantly she lifted off and slowly soared, turning opposite from the direction the ayfkio had hastened the instant they spotted her.  Once they'd turned the corner of the floating mountain, Lutey increased her speed with powerful downstrokes and slung herself around the opposite side of the floating mountain.  Ayfkio weren't too hard to figure out.  Once they'd turned the corner and lost sight of her, they'd slow down and get distracted by the insects they chased.


As she beat mightily around the other side, she barely had time to open her jaws before snatching two ayfkio in mid-flight.  Unfortunately one of the wings smacked her in both right eyes and they teared up instantly, partially obscuring her vision. She gasped involuntarily, bobbling the catch but grabbing it again almost immediately.

Still flying, Lutey's momentum carried her amidst the middle of the flock and she managed to catch a third fkio with her taloned feet.  She squeezed the life from it which took a slight edge off the anger caused by her injured eyes.

Her flight took her back around the other side of the floating mountain, and quickly back to a still-motionless ikran.  She released the fkio from her talons and its body made a juicy sound as it hit the rocks below.  Backflapping, she managed to land within an ikran length from Atan.  She spit out the two fkio and looked again at Atan.  Nothing.  But still breathing.  She was beginning to get impatient.

Grabbing up one of the fkio, she bit down hard and heard a satisfying crunch.  Liquid seeped from one corner of her jaw, and she knew it was fkio blood.  Too bad Akìntey wasn't here to clean it off.  She stopped chewing for an instant and sighed.  It was better he wasn't here right now.  He wouldn't like what he'd see.  Lutey resumed chewing and when she devoured the first fkio, she started on the second.  By the time she was halfway through, she heard a slight rustle and froze.  Atan had moved slightly.  As she watched, his jaws opened and she heard a faint groan.

Lutey gulped the rest of the second fkio and then shuffled over to the third fkio which had spattered on the rocks. She peeled it off and hopped over to Atan, dropping it near his head.  He gave no sign he knew she was there.  Alright.  This called for more forceful action. As she bent forward to push his neck again, she was startled by a mighty roar.

She knew that voice....it was Premal.  Maybe......this changed everything...

Na'vin Nos'feratxu

-Back at the Lab-
Dr. Moon had Cole by the arm and was practically dragging him along into an empty room. She shut the door behind Cole and gave him a firm look.
Cole was surprised by her actions, dragging him into an empty room after seeing several Na'vi on the Holographic display.
"What's this about Moon? What are you doing?!" Cole implored.

Dr. Moon turned and paced the room, thinking of how to explain it to him without revealing too much information. She had to Find Na'vin, warn him, AND figure out who those other Na'vi were.
"Alright Cole, it's imperative that you keep quiet about what I'm about to tell you. You cannot tell anyone, do you understand?!" Dr. Moon was very upset and Cole could tell.
Cole was a good person, but no one knew much about him. He was always to himself and had practically no friends. He was so involved with his work he simply never had time to mingle with everyone else.
Dr. Moon had her hands on both his shoulders, "You have to help me Cole, no one else can. You're the only person I can trust right now, with your help we will save many Na'vi lives!"
It was strange for Cole, because for the first time he felt needed by another person. He wasn't being asked to do something ordinary, this was more personal and deeper.
He wasn't being asked for help by just another scientist, he was being asked like he was a close friend.

"Tell me what you need me to do Miss Moon. I'll do whatever I can to help you." Dr. Moon smiled as if a great weight was lifted from her shoulders, Cole was going to help her.
Moon gave little information of what she truly knew to Cole. However it was enough for a start.

In short, Moon conveyed Na'vin and what he meant to her and what he meant to Pandora. The last of the Nos'feratxu people, he was the successor to the tribe. All scientists and most human occupants on Pandora knew about the Nos'feratxu people. The first and foremost strongest warrior tribe of Pandora, rumored to be the guardians of Eywa. They were indeed Na'vi, but had a unique and furious lifestyle.
Books had been written on the tribe in the past, especially after Col. Draik set the rumor out that he had destroyed and beaten the Nos'feratxu tribe. He failed to mention Na'vin, the last of the Nos'feratxu was stolen as an infant and raised by the humans in a lab.
Cole was in awe at what Moon was telling him, impossible... It cannot be true! Cole shook his head in disbelief, he himself was a fan of the Nos'feratxu tribe. When he heard of their fate he was truly saddened by the loss. Such magnificent creatures the Nos'feratxu were, true born warriors who were only heard of by old Na'vi stories. They turned out to be real and very secret. The guardians of Eywa and the Na'vi people.

Cole looked at Moon as if he had just been awakened. He believed her and found new meaning in his purpose.
"Miss Moon... thank you for telling me what I have wanted to hear for so many years, I knew deep down that the Nos'feratxu were still alive..." Coles attitude changed for the better.
Moon couldn't help but wonder how he truly felt about the Nos'feratxu people, but in his eyes she could see he cared.
"Cole, help me find Na'vin. He's in very real danger, from the same man that killed Na'vins family. We must help him no matter what happens."


He had to stop, so tired.. but why?! Na'vin lost sight of the Palulukan that had his sabre and his kill. Na'vin was breathing heavy, the air was different here...
Strange, the stones around his neck began to glow red. They hadn't done that in a long time. What was going on?
Walking slowly now, Na'vin moved on forward in hopes that he would find his sabre somewhere but nothing showed up, not a trail anywhere not a single scent or smell.
Many hours went by, Na'vin had moved so far into the forest he felt lost... He needed to rest, but as soon as he was about to give in to fatigue the smell of blood was in the air.
Na'vins tired eyes awoke with the smell, now jogging ahead Na'vin found his Kill! But where was his sabre?

When Na'vin looked up from his kill, he laid eyes upon a strange looking tree, like none he had ever seen. Looking further up he could see strange arches in the sky, Arches of rock.
What is this place... Na'vin took a few bits of Yerik and ate. The nourishment wasn't enough, he needed to rest. Why was he so tired?! It was as if he was being pulled into sleep.
Na'vin fought it to no avail, he decided to give in. Na'vin walked up to the strange looking tree, it looked very old but it was brilliant with color and life.

With his back up against the old tree, Na'vin fell to his rear and passed out.
The vines and roots around his body began to encompass him. 


Seze Mune

After a few very forceful wingbeats, Premal hugged her wings to her body and became a deadly missle aimed directly at Lutey.

Gazing at the oncoming duo, Lutey became suddenly defensive, throwing herself to one side to avoid the strike.  She had forgotten the prey she'd flopped down near Atan's head, and it caught on a talon, spinning her snoutdown on the scree.  One wing flared up to catch her balance and Premal's talons struck downwards, ripping Lutey's right pectoralis muscle and glancing off her keel bone.  Lutey roared in pain and surprise.  This wasn't supposed to happen!  

Premal answered her, fury deepening her roar as she landed between Atan and Lutey. Her sister's blood splashed the surrounding stones, giving Premal grim satisfaction.

"YOU WILL NOT HURT HIM!" she roared, her left wing sheltering the semi-conscious ikran.  Atan groaned again and lifted his chin slightly off the scree.  


Na'vin Nos'feratxu


Seze Mune

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Seze Mune

Premal didn't even glance at him.  She never took her eyes off Lutey, who had retreated.  The wounded tokran favored her right side, her wing drawn up against the torn muscle.  

Lutey stared back at Premal, her muscles tensed to dodge another strike.  It didn't come.  This didn't surprise her.  It was a weakness of Premal's not to follow up on an attack.  Lutey glanced up as Sulani skidded to a stop on the other side of Atan, her neck outstretched towards the ikran.  Hopping two more steps, she fixed her eyes on Lutey but prodded her son anxiously with her snout.

Atan raised his head higher and shook it briefly. What was going on?  His vision was blurred.  He recognized his mother's scent...and his heart leaped when he caught Premal's richer odor.  He tried to heave himself upright and winced at the pain in his bruised wing.

Seze Mune

His movement started Premal.  She looked away from Lutey, and fixed two of her four eyes on the damaged ikran.  It divided her attention enough for Lutey to strike.  She didn't.


Na'vin Nos'feratxu

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