First Blood

Started by Txon Taronyu, February 11, 2010, 02:56:30 PM

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Txon Taronyu

seztaw opened his eyes to the bright sun. He got down from his hammock and walked down the spiral to the camp floor where everbody was eating.After looking across the beautiful plain dotted with trees he sat down and started to eat. When he noticed people jumping up and pointing to the sky. He quickly stood up and looked for him self. A large flock of Ikran lead landed just out side the camp. The Ekytan told us to stay in the camp well he would go and see what the problem was. As he started to walk toward the flock of Ikran a rain of arrows flew out killing people including the ikran. We were forced to ride away from here on our Pa'li.

Here is the start of my RP

It takes place just a few hundred years after the first songs. It is the first Na'vi war to take place
There are three factions
The Ikran tribe of the forest / the vrrtep
they are waging a war against the other Na'vi for the sake of destroying Eywa. They do this because they have been tempted by an evil race of advanced alians who want to mine unoptaniom and they said that any tribe that joins them can rule the planet

The freedom fighters
A group of Na'vi who were with the vrrtep but left to fight them and fight along side with the last faction
one of these people will become the first torok makto

The plains tribe
the pa'li riding tribe of the plain the frist victomes of the vrrtep and must now go and gather the Na'vi together to fight the evil ones
one of them will become the great plains legendary hero who rides a palulukan  

If you want to join pleas pm me your charecter and feel free to ask any questions
Join the real life Na'vi tribe here  (And yes, it will be a real tribe in the real world, NOT a role play tribe!)