Ikran Tribe of the Eastern Sea

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Both Quaritch and Ikaika studied the map as Bob pointed things out. Mental notes were made of the names that were mentioned and Ikaika grabbed his data slate and began to pull up relevant images and began to study them. Quaritch waited a second and then leaned back in his chair.

"Son, you did a mighty fine job. This is good, usable intel, I like that. Right now though we arn't going to be hitting the tribe. Gotta go through the right hoops, if you know what I mean. For now thouh, go get some grub and some shut eye. We'll need you for later."

As Bob would head out the office, Ikaika and Quaritch would begin conversing over the images of the both the cliff face and the hometree. If Bob was lucky, he'd hear the trailing conversation just as the door closed...
"This attack is going to be a tough one. Major, what do you think?"

"We might need to use Seraphim..."

Bob left the room but heard the start of something great and he wanted in. He left the room with a grin on his face but that was stopped by Augustine.
Now what would have you smiling and in a better then average mood Bob? Said Grace in her usual needs to know everything attitude.

I... uhh umm well I'm not gonna lie to you. So I'm gonna get some food. Bye. replied Bob as he left Grace before she could ask more ridiculous questions

He sat down and started eating his steak. Special menu privileges officers get. Other soldiers eyes were look at his nice piece of steak wit envy. He was enjoying it until a familiar voice greated him.
Hey Bobby, fancy seeing you hear Said the stranger.
His initial reaction to this new 'I'm soo tough recruit' was turning around and he instantly said THAT IS CAPTAIN LAW...... The he recognized who it was. His old buddy he went through basic with. SMITHY!!! old buddy, come sit down we have much to discuss. What job you got here. Smithy went on to say he's a Sergeant and in charge of a security division. The discussion ended with Bob heading back to his quarters, listening to music and falling to sleep.

If Nothing In This World Can Change Our Children Will Inherit Nothing

Meuia te Stxeli Tstew'itan

The storm was intense. The wind blows from and toward every direction at once making the rain appear like a wall of water in front of Apxeyo and his ikran. The wet cloud that formed over a nearby mountain is moving slowly on the shoreline, straight toward the Na'vi's destination. A huge white crack split the a few meters in front of the mirror beast. Apxeyo tried to calm him as he shudder himself.

He took a deep breath and guided his new friend toward the water wall. They both struggled to stay in flight throughout the violence of the storm and when the last lights from the hometree disappeared, the faint fires still up at the cliff camp started to shine through the rain. He could barely distinguish the tents and well, surely, it would be impossible to anyone to notice him flying around. Apxeyo got a very strong chill, a very alarming chill. The last thing he had in mind was the fall. What will she think about him, about his ikran, about his resolve...?

Ma Eywa, Poe fpivìl a oe kerusey langu...
Oh my Eywa, She thinks I'm dead...

How could he not think about that? She saw him fall from hundreds of meters high into a cloud of mist. And then there was the explosion. For her, there's no question about it, Apxeyo must be gone. What to do... what to...

Oe omum! Ma ikran, Oe zene muwìntxu ngaru 'awa oeyä 'eylanit.
I know! My ikran, I have a friend I need to present you.

They dropped in delta dive toward the ocean, avoiding rocks and waves. After a while of turning around, they both went upward following the rock face and stopped on a little cliff in front of a cave, drawn by a beautiful song.

Sìtse was right there, looking at the horizon with his back resting on the caves entrance wall, singing to Eywa. In the last glimpse of light coming from today's sun, he thought seeing a shape moving in the storm down below, something like glass or metal reflecting the rays of the sun toward him. He tracked it for a few seconds but then it vanished behind a drop of water.

Suddenly, a huge burst of air came from the ocean and pushed him back inside the cave. He whipped his eyes a few and there it was, what seemed like a glitch in his vision ended up right in front of him. An enormous white ikran reflecting the sun rays over the pearling water dripping off his skin. It was a rare event, most probably a sign from Ewya. Albinos' ikrans are usually killed by their peers when they are still young. This one looks very healthy and surely in his early teens. But what is the mighty beast doing here? The ikran shuddered and shook his head and wings a little getting rid of the water still tickling him everywhere. A familiar blue figure was standing behind him.


Sran, ma 'eylan. Oe ngahu lu mi.
Yes my friend, I am still with you.

He walked around Neympintu and strongly hugged Sìtse.

Ay'uit oel ngaru peng kìn, ma Sìtse.
I have things to say to you, Sìtse., Apxeyo said into his tears.
Fìtsenge kifkey nìswey livu txo ayoe nìNa'vi perlltxeie. Ngal 'awstengyem olo'it fpi tskxekeng.

Eaniyutral te Hawnyu 'Ewan'ite

Rain started to fall on the rooftops of the alien hut Eani was in... the sound of the rain drops calmed her mind, but her wounds seem to worsen...

As Eaniyutral was distracted from the images that she wants so badly to be reality, hours pass without tending to her wounds... the unnatural smoke that came from all the alien-made things, started an evil infection in Eani's queue that went on unnoticed...

Visions of her life ran through her mind's eye-her life before her parent's death, her brothers all together, becoming tsahìk, becoming mated and then falling in love... as these happy memories came to Eani's mind, the alien infection spread up the damaged tendrils of the stump that was once her long beautiful queue and into her brain...

Then she saw them... her family within Eywa... happy... healthy.... inviting... Eaniyutral warmly greeted her awaiting family with tears of joy and love that she had not felt for a long time...

There was no trace of the disgraceful things that the aliens did to her. She had her beautiful queue, all her clothing, earrings, feathers, headdress, and other accessories... it was as if nothing had ever happened...

There was no pain... only love and happiness... and the family that was wrongfully taken from her... Eani was at peace...

Eawnyu te Tisorina'Srusiyu'ite

Sìtse follows Apxeyo. after a moment he stops him and stands in front of Apxeyo looking him in the eye.

Ma Apxeyo, ngeyä muntxate fpìl nga lu kerusey, nga zene poru kirvä 'awve. Oeng tsun pirvlltxe mìfya'o tsatseng.

my apxeyo, your woman thinks you are dead, you must see to her first, we can speak on teh way there

he looks from Apxeyo to the Ikran. Kempe lamen mìram?
                                                   what happened on the mountain?

Neyn'ite Te Tsahìk Txeptsyìp'ite

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oel ayngati kameie, ma aysmukan sì aysmuke, Eywa ayngahu.
oeyä tsmukan, ma Nick, oeru ngaytxoa livu. nìmwey tsurokx. nga yawne lu oer.