Na'vi and Concrete. (RP)

Started by Niwantaw, August 07, 2010, 05:56:23 PM

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Tsuksìm atsawl (KaPTan)

Sim was just finishing up his dragonthread suit.  he put the last thread into line on the hood.  it was ready to go.  he was hoping he would ever need it, but its always better to be cautious.  In dealing with his regular merchant he had found out of a new type of cloth.  supposedly military access only... but that was a load of bullocks when it came to Sim acquiring cloth.  obviously if his friend mentioned it, that meant he could get it.  this thread had the special ability of taking on the color, striation, and texture of the object touching it.  an octo camo.  Sim knew exactly what he was going to do.  he was going to make a suit. almost identical to the dragonthread one, only a little bigger so that it could fit over it.  oh he would be a ninja yet.  now, if he could only get his RDA buddy who handled shipping to come in...
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Eana Taw atsawl

((oh to hell with it! CHARGE!!))

Rolo looked at his watch impatiently, before cursing in Na'vi and pulling out his sidearm. He crept around the house, looking for a way in. He eventually found a window, behind which (despite the nets being drawn) he could see the light was on. He pressed his long, catlike ear up to the glass and heard what he thought was a person walking away. He stepped back and took out his combat knife. He used it to cut a circle in the glass, just large enough to fit his hand through.

"This isn't usually my kind of gig, Steve usually does this..." Rolo thought has he felt around for the catch. Moving as quietly as he could, he slid the window open and dropped inside the room.

He could see the feet of someone on a stretcher, but fortunately he was out of view from whoever it was there. He could still hear the other person walking around; and it sounded like he was coming back. He looked around for a place to hide. He settled for a cupboard nearby, in which he managed to squeeze himself amongst the various utensils and equipment already occupying the cupboard. He waited for whoever it was to return, quietly confidant that he had avoided detection by both the inhabitants and the poor cripple on the stretcher.

((I made an awful lot of assumptions here, so correct me on anything I got wrong. Either way, I want Rolo to get the jump on Thomas Logan and have to make a choice, eventually leading him to accept a contract from the PLF))
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In the room Tom asked to Selena
''Could you get a wet towel? His head is getting warmer.''

''I'm fine....'' said Stefan

''No, your not.''

''Sure, no problem.''
She went to the bathroom get a towel
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Txur Niftxavang

Stefan, what's wrong?  You do not look so good.  You look sick.

Rob goes off and patrols the parimeter of the building.  Getting bored of waiting.
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Tsuksìm atsawl (KaPTan)

"oh hey Micheal, hows it going?"  even though Sim isn't the biggest fan of the RDA, he does like micheal, the top book keeper for all things transported to Pandora.

"What do you want Sim, you only come by here when you want something now adays."

"well, that hurts my feelings, even though it may be true." sim said with a grins.  "Maybe you should invite me over some time."

"i'll think about it. so anyway, what do you want this time?"

"It should be fairly new.  It's a cloth obviously..."

"Obviously, now hurry up i'm busy today"

"alright alright.  its the octo camo."

"Why the hell would you want any of that?"

"I live in a part of town that has a bunch of Na'vi's running around, sometimes i like to get out but i'm to scared" Yea, scared of being shot by the RDA Sim thought.

"Ah, yes of course; should have figured.  its not cheap you know."

"Obviously, that's why i'm buying just enough for me."

"ah.  so the usual delivery method then?"

*sigh* of course.  Sim hated the usual delivery system. it was far to risky in Sim's opinion... however, it hadn't failed him yet. " So how much will that be then?"

"Tell you what... since we're friends and all, i'll give you a discount... lets see, that comes to 15 large."

"fifteen large!?! i thought you said you would give me a discount" This actual didn't surprise Sim at all, in fact, he thought it would be closer to 20,000.  this stuff was very valuable after all.  "Fine, here's the money." Sim always paid in cash, it made him feel safer.

"Why the hell you carry your money around in 500-dollar bills truly surprises me sometimes old chum."

"just for you mate, just for you... Now i expect it will arrive on its normal time on monday?"

"of Course"

"Say hi to the kids for me eh Micheal, and invite me over sometime."

"yea, yea."

Good, things are rolling right along Sim thought.  Later as he was about to go into his house, he noticed two RDA guys watching him.  Well isn't that just swell.  I hope those two are here on Na'vi Patrol, I really hope it wasn't that RDA officer that came by earlier in the week.
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Tsko was walking around his neighborhood when heard something from a nearby house, "Wonder what that was." He started to look around and saw someone breaking into a house,"daaaammmmmmmmnnnn," he wispered under his breath. He takes cover out view and watches as the man cuts open the window and climbs into the house.

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As Selena was in the bathroom, she grabbed a towel, making it wet with some water and
wring it out a bit, so that floor wouldn't get to wet.

Then she thought she saw something but thought it was nothing, she walked back to Stefan.

''Here you go, Tom.''

''Thank you.'' said Tom then he looked at Stefan.
''Now you need let this stay on your head.... Stefan.... are you listing.....''

''Yea, yea.... I'm listening, keep it on my head.....''

''Do want anything else? A cold drink maybe?''

''Just a glass of water, I might need it.''

And Tom went to the bathroom to fill a glass with some water.
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Tsuksìm atsawl (KaPTan)

"ah,a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I think i'm going to go get some fresh air silith, i should be back in about a half an hour."

"ok pops, be home soon."

Sim went out, carrying a tote bag full of some goodies.  this was just a distraction though.  Sim went walking down to the park where he walked around a couple times looking for a specific person.  across the park there was a man who was a man just sitting against the tree wearing a nice wide brimmed hat.  that was the man, he nodded and got up and we both started walking towards the north end of the park as we are about to pass each other he bumps into to me and grabs my shoulder and apologizes.  package received.    i leave the park and head back to home. 

"oh how i love Saturday air, its so much less blah than every other day of the week."

When Sim got home he went up to his secret room to deposit his package, 10 spools of octo thread, just enough for sim to make himself a nice suit. just enough to go over the other one. 

to himself: its ninja time.
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