They came from the sky (A new Na'Vi roleplay)

Started by Ikranä mokri, February 06, 2010, 06:41:44 AM

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Ikranä mokri

Twonyus' eyes flicked open.

He touched the edge of his hammock and it slowly opened. He stood up and took hold of the branch in front of him. He heaved himself up onto the huge bow that some of the many of the Omatikyas' hammocks hung next to. Others were waking up around him as he walked towards the interior of Kelutral.

He felt good about this day, maybe it would be the day when he would be allowed to choose his Ikran with the rest of the trainee hunters, so that he could become Omatikya, make his bow from the wood of the hometree and choose a mate.

He was still in high spirits when he reched the spiral structure inside hometree. It was there that this mood was shattered.

a short and bad opening but the end could make for some early drama between a few people.

The type of roleplaying will the same as SOP (doesnt cause any difficulties hopefully)

Ill give the same advice lehrrap gave "Read the 'How to Forum Roleplay' thread that you may have passed on your way over here for the basic rules." if you really dont understand.

The basic setting is its about 1 week before the tawtute arrive on pandora. Its mostly about how a few young hunters become hunters

to put it in the words of someone who is probably wiser than me
QuoteIt sounds like what you have is the basics for a good character development story, where a group of younglings is followed through on their lifes' courses to become full adults in the tribe. Since it would be pre-landing era, a lot of it would have to be conjecture (of course) but there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

You could see them as they grow and advance, start as adolescents maybe and rise to take their place in tribal politics and society. After that, you can continue to follow their adventures or focus on their next generation. It would be very dialogue and development rich, and (I'd wager) focus on a lot of the relationships involved more so than a lot of action
thank you coyote for that.

so PM me if your interested with a character profile (again thanks lehrrap)

Name: (Your username, just so that I know who's character is who's.)
Character Name: (The name of your character. (Must have a human name)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Age: (The five and half years (or so) in cyro doesn't count towards your age... kinda.)
Occupation: (Avatar Pilot? Guard for the Avatar Pilots? Transport Pilot?)
Experiance Speaking Na'Vi: (How well do you understand the Language we are here to learn?)
Apperance: (Written out description/ Picture/ Drawing of yourself or a custom-made character, along with what they usually wear.)
History: (A little Biography about your character so we can understand where they came from. I may take information from the History sections to create sub-plots in the story, so this is importent.)
Training: (What kind of training has your character undertaken as a Avatar pilot/ Guard/ Gunship Pilot?)

there isnt much of a goal, i think one will probably develop after a while.
Ill post a character thread with more more detail on some characters if you put what you would like to be (older Na'Vi trainer like tsu'tey or young Na'Vi like me, or someone who is in a high postion withink the tribe or a human for later pilot, marine or avatar, its all cool)
irayo for reading.

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(Time to start this RP back up.)

Off in the far distance from the Omitakayan Hometree, a Valkyrie shuttle breaks through the clouds of the sky. The roar of it's engines barely making it to Hometree. It lands in a clearing that was predetermined to be the best landing zone. A site to be known as Hell's Gate. As the Marines put on their exopacks, developed from a standard gasmask to filter out the gases in Pandora's atmosphere so that they only breathe the oxygen. The roar of the engines disturbed any nearby wildlife and sent them scurrying away. Once the Marines had the masks on and their weapons loaded, the cargo doors opened and the marines went rushing out of hold with a couple of AMP suits trailing behind them. Among one of those leaving the hold was Brian Core, a survialist who trusts his life more in his weapons than his companions. The AMPs unloaded all the cargo and the Valkyrie shuttle prepped to take off back to the sky to transport more supplies to the surface.

Brian looks on as he watches the shuttle return back to space and predicts that a different shuttle would appear in the next twenty minutes. The Marines were already setting up landing beacons and unpacking the crates filled with their equipment. Radios, rifles, ammo, food and water. Brian slowly surveyed the landscape, knowing that this landing site would be no better then how Earth was very soon. He looked out to the distant trees and longed to go out but for now, his help was needed here.

Atan Aylaru

Seze'ite began preparations for the most important day in her life so far: the day she would choose her ikran.  Her mother handed her a flying shield.  <<This belonged to my mother,>> she said.  <<Before she went to be with Eywa, she told me to give this to my first child.  Good luck today, Seze.>>  With that, Seze walked down to the base of Kelutrel.

On her way down, she noticed that Twonyu wasn't in sight.  He was probably still asleep; everyone in the clan knew that he was a late riser.  Seze had never told anyone, but she had a bit of a crush on Twonyu.  When it came time to choose a mate, she hoped he would choose her.  But that's beside the point.  She had to focus on her task, on becoming a true member of the Omatikaya.

As she arrived at the base of the tree, she heard a faint noise, almost like... well, it wasn't like anything she'd ever heard.  Oh, well.  It was probably just a palulukan capturing another creature.
"Hey!  Ngaru lu fpom srak?"
"What the heck is that?"
"It's uh, Na'vi, you know, from 'Avatar'."
"Sorry, I haven't seen that movie."

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Ikranä mokri

Tsu'Tey stood there, with his arms crossed and a look of annoyance on his face.

"Oel ngati kameie" said Twonyu greeting his teacher. He was proud to have Tsu'Tey as his teacher for out of all the Omatikya it was he who Twonyu looked up to.
"Ma <<student we have grave news, today is not the day you will climb Iknimaya>>"
"<< what, you cant be seroius>> ma karyu"
"kehe oe<< am serious>>"

Tsu'Tey turned and walked off, Twonyu turned now in a foul mood and walked off down the spiral interior of kelutral avoiding other members of the omatikya. at teh bottom he walked over to the nearest fire pit to cut himself some yerik

Tirea Tskoyä has a new look see it[url=


The roar of another Valkyrie shuttle is heard long before it is seen by the humans. Within the twenty minutes since the landing party left the first shuttle, tents were erected, communication stations were set up, landing beacons pulsing to signal where the shuttles are to land at. The shuttle came into sight and approached the landing site. Marines with landing lights helped direct the shuttle of where to land. Minutes later, the shuttle landed and more humans poured out with more supplies. Several AMPs went into the shuttle, however, and came out with the pressurized shacks and placed them near the tents.

Brian watched as the Marines did their duty and looked over the manifest of what the shuttles are suppose to be carrying. There were enough supplies now to take care of them for a few weeks so long as no one got up for midnight snacks. The next Valkyrie shuttles were to drop more personnel, AMPs, and the pressurized shacks. The commander was shooting out orders left and right, stressing the importance of getting shifts set up and for them to "dig in" their position.

Atan Aylaru

<<Hello, Seze'ite,>> Seze's trainer said.  <<Are you ready to climb Iknimaya?>>

<<Yes, of course,>> Seze replied, struggling to keep her excitement in check.

<<Good.  Let's go meet up with the other students and trainers.>>

There was still no sign of Twonyu.  Wasn't he supposed to be climbing Iknimaya with the rest of them?  She needed to get her mind off of that, off of him; getting her ikran was far more important.  Seze joined the rest of the trainees, some showing more emotions than others, and made sure she hadn't forgotten her ikran catcher.  With one last glance back at Kelutrel, she left with the group.
"Hey!  Ngaru lu fpom srak?"
"What the heck is that?"
"It's uh, Na'vi, you know, from 'Avatar'."
"Sorry, I haven't seen that movie."

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Corok watches as the group of taronyu mount their pa'li and ride off to the Iknimaya. The Thunder Rocks. He smiles to himself, knowing that his time for the rite of passage would come soon but for now, he had to do what he normally does. Go and hunt yerik for his home. Taking bow and arrow in hand, he sets off into the forest with a joyful look on his face, savoring for the thrill of the hunt.

Tawtute landing site

More AMPs started to come off the shuttles carrying the pressurized shacks that would house the landing party. Other AMPs were helping other marines set up fences that would soon be replaced by solid walls. Technicians program the automated turrets that were set up around the base camp. Brian watches from inside one of the shacks as the landing site quickly changes. He looks down at schedule. By nightfall, they were to have fences up, turrets online and programmed, night shifts set up. After a few days after setting up base, the first real buildings are to be constructed then pressurized. Brian sits in his chair and slumps as he turns on the video log. "Day one at the Landing Site," Brian started, "Everything is going as planned. The fences and turrets are being erected while more shacks are brought off the shuttles. Night shifts are not assigned yet." Brian looks down at the planned schedule again before continuing, "We are to have this place clearcutted so we have more resoruces in constructing actual buildings. First buildings to be built are as they follow: a Command center and baracks for the Marines. A messhall for all personel. Ending with a building to store equipment." He leans back and looks out the window, "Personal note: Why are we doing this? I know we are on a mission but what is the end game? Why spoil such a natural world? These are questions I hope to answer while I'm here." Brian reaches over and turns off the video log.

Txantslusam Skxawng

OoC: Hoping that this RP will be going now

The Valkyrie shuttles kept coming and coming and eventually, a Valkyrie comes with scientists on it, including Natan Shafer, a 22 year old Avatar Driver, he and some others were the first Avatar Drivers on Pandora, but the link-pods and Avatars aren't yet. As Natan got in his tent he heard that he needed to report with the others to Dr. Grace Augustine.

''Is everyone here? OK then.... Thanks to Selfridge we can't use the Avatars now. Selfridge had put the link-pods and Avatars on a different shuttle, for saving money and getting more stockholders. The first shuttle will include 10 link-pods and 10 Avatar-bodies, I will call your name if your Avatar is on the shuttle, the shuttle after that will come in a week.......''

When Grace got to the last person, Natan was hoping that last person was him.

''And the last one is: Natan Shafer. Anyone else who I didn't mentioned have to wait..... because of Selfridge.''

Natan was very happy, but he know that he wasn't able to use his Avatar right now, but after a week, first the link-pods need to attached and tested and then he and the rest would get training in Hell's Gate using his Avatar body.

When Natan walked back to his tent, he started laying on his bed, thinking about how it would be in his Avatar on Pandora. Then he got up and walked to a small desk with a camera on it and a screen.
''Guess I better make a video log now, while its still fresh.''
Natan turns on the camera and it starts recording. Natan looks in the camera and is quiet for a few seconds, then he starts talking.

''Video log one, Day one on Pandora, time is 23.37 pm.''

Then he was quiet again for half a minute

''This is Natan Shafer. The first day on Pandora was different then expected. Marines everywhere, holding machineguns, AMP suits everywhere like its normal. This is all very new to me here, but in a few days I can use my Avatar and after a week we probably will go in the jungle of Pandora. Their haven't been any attacks here, so I guess their won't be any in the jungle either, but we still need to look out for the Na'vi, the natives, they look likes human, but there are bigger, blue, they speak a different language, we had learned some small bits of it, but we don't know much about them  so everyone is still in a learning proces, and they are highly trained. That's all we now so far, we hope to learn more about then and that might work with Grace around here, but uhmmm... off the record...that Selfridge guy, I haven't seen him yet, but he doesn't seem like a nice to me of what I've heard.''

He slowly turns the camera off and goes to bed and falls asleep
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The next day another Valkyrie lands and on it is young James Ashton
He was directed to where the scientist were, he walked over to Grace
"Good morning Dr. Augustine, im Corporal..... Dr Ashton"
"whats with this Corporal buisness?"
"I was a Coporal in the Commando reserves, thats how i made a living, when will be able to see our Avatars?"
"they are not gonna be here for another week, and arnt you lucky your on the list of 10 people whoes Avatars will be arriving first"

James headed towards the tents where he bumped into someone
"Hi, im James Ashton"
"im Natan Shafer pleased to meet you"
"well i cant stay long, gotta set up my tent catchya later"
He continues towards his tent. I took him most of the day to get aquanted with everyone else and to set his tent up but it was his first day none the less and they are always the longest
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Txantslusam Skxawng

Landing Site - 0600 hours

The first Valkyrie of the day arrived and Natan was awaken by it
"Aaargh.....Now I have to get up, I could have slept for another 30
As Natan got out of his bed he took some waterout of a jerrycan
and washed his face and hands, then he brushed his teeth and got dressed.

Landing Site - 0630 hours

Natan went outside his tent and walked towards the Valkyrie to help unloading the link-pods and Avatar bodies
"You guys need some help?"
And Natan started helping right away.
"I guess breakfast is going to have to wait."
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James saw people unloading the Valkyrie and thought he'd go help to
He helps bring out a link pod
he asked Grace
"Where do you want this?"
"just leave it all there in a neat pile for now commando Joe, we will sort it out once the Valkyrie has gone and everyone has had breakfast"
"I notice you read my profile then Grace"
"of course, its part of my job, and you did say you're a commando yesterday too. Now dont stand there talking keep unloading"
James went back into the shuttle and continued to help unload the Valkyrie
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