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Ean Hufwetulyu:
We are preparing a new chemical agent to fight off new arriving tawtute. the RDA is gearing up for an attack on Hell's Gate and another colony base started about 100 miles away. Ean wants to see what Ka`apeha wants to do about the RDA, and General Vanaman is holding a spy from RDA at Hell's Gate.

OOC: Cheers, last exam tomorrow :) Does Ka'apeha crush it with her hands or do the Na'vi have a special jar or way or something?

OOC: Headed to the states on holiday for three weeks, will be back on the 13th July. See you then :)

Ean Hufwetulyu:
Have fun tsmuke

OOC: Okay, I'm back from the states, had so much fun, and now I'm ready to start roleplaying again  :)


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