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Na'vin Nos'feratxu:
OOC: I've been keeping an eye on this RP and I must say it has gotten a bit confusing. A chemical agent to fight off sawtute?  ???

I'm chiming in like this because I have been following the RP, and I can't say the RP makes sense...
Perhaps things got a little tossed up, and now it's become a little over zealous in terms of action.

I've watched for a long time, people have come and gone. I'm very curious as to what you guys are going for?
I know its all Role play, but things have gotten strange.. Chemical warfare? On Pandora?  :'(

Many times I have chosen not to come back because I simply don't know whats going on. Perhaps you guys could explain it to me? :)

Oh, and in case you have forgotten about me, I was here when we first started this RP. Long ago.
Na'vin Zoddo Nos'fertxu. The big and powerful Na'vi with an ego in parallel

hì'ia tuté:
OOC: yeah, I think it has gotten a bit confusing...

OOC: Yeah, I have to say that I agree, Ean perhaps you could explain

OOC: Sorry, meant to put that last post in OOC, Ean could you help out with the explainations please so we can get things back on the road?  :)

Ean Hufwetulyu:
ok give me a day tsmuke


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