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Ean Hufwetulyu:
One of the scientist walks out from the lab, "We need some help with handling this flower."

Ka'apeha stands and watches from the shadows. She knows that without the "help" the skypeople require they will certainly die a long and painful death, or at the very least be in great agony. So she watches and waits

Ean Hufwetulyu:
OOC: sorry for taking so long. Classes and life got in the way
Ean walks over, "what help do you require?"
 The scientist explains his situation then they look over at Ka'apeha and her mate says, "Ma Ka'apeha you know more plants than I do. Rutxe help them make the plant very effective."

Ka'apeha nods srane oel yawne oel will. She turns to the scientist, what do you require of me?

Ean Hufwetulyu:
He points to flower laying on table. "Ruxte crush the flower into powder and place the powder in the jars with the liquid. Irayo"


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