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Hello tumuke and tusmkan this is a new RP tribe I am spirtual leader (forgive me I cannot think of the Na'vi name) anyone is welcome, we speak both Na'vi and English but if you post in Na'vi can you also translate into English my Na'vi is not that great

Ewaya ngahu
Oe name is Ka'apeha for those who do not know me  :)

Feel free to join this tribe just indroduce yourself

Neyn'ite Te Tsahìk Txeptsyìp'ite:
would you me looking for a 'ite for your character? ;) you're the Tsahìk, correct?

if Tsahìk, is spirtural leader then yes I am :) and yes you can be my 'ite

Neyn'ite Te Tsahìk Txeptsyìp'ite:
irayo nìmun, ma sa'nok ;) would you like me to send you a character biography?


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