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New Sci-Fi Action Roleplay, any takers?


Eaite Randjam:
Okay kiddies, it's been ages since I've had good forum based roleplaying, and since I'm much better at relating to bullets, lasers, and technology than I am at relating to bows, arrows, and loincloths (Na'vi rpers crucify me now XD) I'm proposing another Sci-fi upstart. 

Rise of the Covenant was fairly good, however many of us who participated sorta disappeared for a while (me) and the roleplay died out.  I'd be happy to start up another Halo-based roleplay and I do have a story in mind for this, however we could do something with the RDA or other pre-exsiting sci-fi universes.  Who would be interested?  Any story arc ideas?


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