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On TeamSpeak, I often notice that it is hard to find good topics to talk about in Na'vi. After all, not everyone is interested in the same things (besides the Na'vi language), and it is hard to find something that everyone is interested in, and that you can describe in Na'vi. However, talking in Na'vi with others seems very useful in improving your level of Na'vi.

So, I thought, can't we try roleplaying as a Na'vi clan or something like that? I assume that everyone is interested in the Na'vi, and roleplaying is also fun, and I think that it would be great for building vocabulary (since you finally get to use all those cultural words, animal and plant names, and so on!) We can of course also play other situations, I'm just spawning ideas now.

If there are more people interested, let's try to find a date/time that works for everyone, gather on TS and try it out :)

Moderators, I'm aware that this board is quite dead, but it seemed the most logical place for this post in my opinion. Please feel free to move this post somewhere else if you think it is more appropriate elsewhere :)


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