Epigenetics, Ancestral Trauma, fundamental dialogues

Started by allrock123, January 15, 2017, 06:14:34 PM

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Had a hard time finding a category this fits in ,, it contains dialog upon the new findings involving the role of Epigenetics research as well as some quite insightful suggestions on the importance of addressing the "strutures" through political expression venues,, Native peoples have long "recognized" these underlying issues impacting there peoples ,, but they along with me hold some concern ,, as to the development of by big Pharmaceutical company's of Epigenetic influencing compounds,, to address issues like PTSD in the military and ancestral trauma or "grief" impacted upon peoples that have experienced "colonization" trauma
when I see dialog like this "

" Although epigenetics offers the hope of creating better and more specific medicines and interventions for mental health problems, it also suggests the notion that Native peoples and other ethnic groups may be "genetically inferior".

Researchers such as Shannon Sullivan, professor of philosophy at UNC Charlotte, suggests in her article "Inheriting Racist Disparities in Health: Epigenetics and the Transgenerational Effects of White Racism," that the science has faint echoes of eugenics, the social movement claiming to improve genetic features of humans through selective breeding and sterilization.
(take a look on youtube at "Herbert spencer and "Social Darwinism" for some history on this and the source of my concerns with some of the angles and theory's science is taking in walking down the Epigenetics path)

"The source of the above"

all these issues my be of particular interest to Members of The Learnnavi community as the films mirror story and peoples reflective experiences with it may touch on some of these roots..
anyway here is the example I was taking about and there's some hope people will share there feelings on this subject 
with it ..

Epigenetics, Ancestral Trauma, fundamental dialogues:


follow the youtube thread for the continuation of this dialog , to the Native community these responses are necessary to address
imbalances in Global environments,, a Call and reactive response so to speak ,, its not a Genetic flaw to react from ones ancestral memory's and the act of using a compound to "shut those voices off" is of concern,, not the addressing the epigenetic keys responsible for inherited tendency's for disease like cancer but the "so called tendency's to develop "mental illness" when Global bonds in the natural world are thrown out of balance..




I don't think generational trauma requires that &,
based on the abstract it also fails to address the danger of abuse of psychopharmacuticals.
it doesn't actually solve social issues to treat the psychological manifestation or grief caused by them that way.
I would generally recommend staying away from these things without a shaman and someone trained in at the very least basics of paramedicine.