Contact List for July 9th Meetup

Started by AketuanNavi, June 30, 2011, 03:07:45 AM

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The contact list for July 9th meetup has been sent out via email to newsletter subscribers. The contact list will not be posted publicly for obvious reasons. This list will be updated every few days or so when more people send in their info. When it is updated, it will be sent out via email again.

This list will be used to help people get in touch about the meetup/during the meetup and to organize and get information. The list might also be used in case of emergency.

All information will be kept private (between meetup members) and email will only be used for contact purposes.

To get the contact list:

email to [email protected]  and include:

A. Just want contact list sent to you.
B. Want Contact list sent, and sign-up for newsletter.

To add yourself to the list:

- PM Zephaniah your email/phone/username. Or email it to [email protected]

And of course you could always PM someone who has received the list, BUT make sure it does not appear anywhere online publicly.

(oh, and to those who received the first one, sorry about the odd spacing...not sure how that happened...(copy-and-paste error probably))
(ETA on next newsletter: within 24 hours)


version 2 is out. :)

(again, sorry for the issue with spacing in the computer is spazzing out on me right now...)


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