Author Topic: I've noticed the front page has become a tad cluttered with stickies.  (Read 684 times)

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I don't often visit this board but I see you've run into a similar "sticky" problem that we ran into with the tribe. Almost half the front page is filled with stickies. We solved this problem by creating a "Directory" topic and posted links to each important topic within, then unstickied the topics within. We also went a little crazy with the html to make sure it's easy to read and find important topics.

Here's what the page looks like all said and done:

And here's the code to make the page look like that:

Code: [Select]



[b][size=14pt]THE TRIBE:[/size][/b]

[list][li][b][img][/img][url=]Mission Statement[/url][/b][/li]

[li][img][/img][b][url=]Devil's Advocate and All the Bad Stuff.[/url][/b][/li]

[li][img][/img][b][url=]Leaving Things Behind[/url][/b][/li][/list]


[b][size=14pt]RECAPS AND UPDATES[/size][/b]

[list][li][b][img][/img][url=] Progress report[/url][/b][/li]

[li][b][img][/img][url=]Bi-montly Headcount[/url][/b][/li][/list]



[list][li][img][/img][b][url=]Official Tribe Site[/url] [color=green]Thanks to Tonbogiri[/color][/b][/li]

[li][b][img][/img][url=!-website-progress!/]Project Tribal Logo and Website Design[/url][/b][/li][/list]



[list][li][img][/img][b][url=]We should "out line" our plan.[/url][/b][/li]

[li][img][/img][b][url=]The Eco-Village Situation[/url][/li]

[li][b][img][/img][url=!!/]Help us recruit![/url][/b][/li]

[li][b][img][/img][url=]Gonna be away from the site a while? Tell us here.[/url][/b][/li][/list]

[b][size=14pt][color=red]NEW MEMBERS[/color][/size][/b]

[list][li][img][/img][b][url=]The Idea[/url][/b][/li]
[li][b][img][/img][url=]Forum Rules[/url][/b][/li][/list]


[img][/img] = [b]Open or Active Topic
[img][/img] = Locked or Dead Topic[/b]

[size=12pt][b]If you have a thread that you feel is important enough to go up here, just [color=red]PM[/color] any of the [color=red]mods![/color][/b][/size]

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This is a planning board, what is here needs to stay here and how it is.
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Well, the hotel info thread could be un-stickied because that deadline's passed. I could also possibly un-sticky the Seattle Museum thread because we have another one for general dicussion. But yeah, I do see what you're saying, but we do need to keep everything the way it is. Those sticky threads are all important to our planning. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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