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I've wanted to play Jake's First Flight for some time, but I couldn't find any sheet music in the internet so I decided to make one myself.
Please post any opinions and suggestions here, since it's kind of my first written arrangement and most likely it's still not perfect.

PDF, MIDI and Sibelius file attached.
I also exported the preview in mp3 since the midi file sounds horrible on default system midi sound set.

Irtaviš Ačankif:
Great arrangement that is actually playable!

Though you can look at for a complete piano arrangement. His arrangements are closer the orchestral arrangements without anything added. However, since pianos are obviously not orchestras, his version of Jake's First Flight is significantly less playable than yours. His version might be better for two pianos :)

Your edition, though, is the best I've found for actually playing on the piano. The other version is so rigourous you can actually follow it measure by measure as you hear the soundtrack! Including the big pauses :)

Ikran Ahiyìk:
And also there's ;)

We're somehow on different worlds.
As U. te Skxawng said yours (and the one in the link here) are more piano-piece-like, chord and rhythm pattern as piano compositions,
and mine is combined by many voices also "rigorously" following the pitch. (it's still playable, I've nearly complete fingerings test)

I can easily hear the main voice, while it's a bit difficult for mine. That's great work!

Just one thing.. there's a bit pressure on vision to look at your sheet. Notes are too close to the line up or down, also the triplet mark is not required for every single triplets in a long passage (IMO)..

Other than this, everything is excellent, I'm looking forward to see you playing it live ;D

Irtaviš Ačankif:
Ikran Ahìyìk, your piece can only be played (at least by me) extremely slowly (like 4x). And I actually passed the ABRSM Grade 8 Practical With Distinction, so,  ;)

His piece though butchered some measures. I'm actually arranging Jake's First Flight for piano, violin, generic drum, and voice. Mainly because that's pretty much all me and my friends can put together ;D. And in fact I replaced the "ti-lu-ga-lu-te" gibberish with something meaningful:
Spoiler: Na'vi lyrics for first part of Jake's First FlightTsus-way-e-i-on mì taw nì-prr-te!
Tsus-way-e-i-on mì taw fa o-e-yä ik-ran *whoo!*
Tsus-way-e-i-on mì saw Ey-wa-'ev-eng-yä!

Edit: I hate the gibberish chanting in the Avatar Soundtrack. The most hilarious part was the "War" piece (my guess at least):

(starting from 00:19 in OST Track 13)
Ma ma, ma ma teylu, teylu! (Aw)nge-yä, yiv-om, teylu, teylu! (x2)

Ikran Ahiyìk:
So ... grade 8 is not enough for it (for part of the book) ;D
... and we shouldn't off topic here ...

Filling the lyrics in is a great project, we can sing them out meaningfully one day.
Adding a vocal line in this piece (except the final part) seems awesome too..

But it's still reasonable for Horner filling the random syllables only...
the reason is simple, at that time no one was really interested to learn Na'vi, even though someone really had, they cost much more time than us.


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