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Kxanì Tirea:
I would love I See you or Jake's First Flight. That would be amazing! Piano is fine, but flute would be amazing! I can play from piano music though so it's okay.  ;D

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
Yea I second the I See You request.  I've been listening to that song a lot lately and I absolutely love it!

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
Hey, If you wouldn't mind maybe doing sheet music (for any song) for cello or doublebass.  I can also play tuba/sousa, trumpet, alto sax, and bass trombone.  But if you gave me the music for any instrument (that isn't piano or played with two staff lines) I could do my on transposing to get it to something I could read.

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
Hey, If you are still taking request I wouldn't mind a few of the more popular songs like Jake's First Flight or I See You transposed for a string quartet.  Two violins one viola and one cello.


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