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Txur Txe’lan:
Kaltxì, i have been writing music for a lil over 2 years now and am planning on making transcriptions (for a full Band/Orchestra) of all of the songs from the movie. as i finish them, i will post them here. since im going to be doing all the songs, i figured i would open myself up to you all to see if their are any particular songs you wanted me to do first. just reply here or send me a message. you can check out some of the music iv already written on my youtube channel here => irayo

Skxe Eywaftu:
If you can, maybe the song "becoming one of the people, becoming one with neytiri, for a 4 string bass perhaps?
Irayo in advance

Txur Txe’lan:
Lucky you, thats the one i started off with. im not 100% done yet, more like 45%. i just posted a progress .mp3 if you want to check out what i have so far.

as soon as i finish ill get you the bass part

Skxe Eywaftu:
Irayo soooooo much XD

could you do something from the pirates soundtrack??
would be great...


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