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Tìska'a Kelutalä - The Destruction of Hometree

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Ikran Ahiyìk:

--- Quote from: Payoang on November 04, 2010, 03:27:12 am ---This is very good! Glad to see a digital copy of your sheet music from April!

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It is in the link I just posted...

Thank you * n times...
if your work was not here I probably won't try to start mine

--- Quote from: Payoang on November 04, 2010, 03:27:12 am ---
--- Quote from: Ikran Ahiyìk on November 03, 2010, 08:38:07 am ---...

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OH GOD! (I still want to play it though)

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The reason why such thing exist because I would like to use all the key signatures, and it is successful hrh ;D

Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato):
ALL the key signatures?! Thats an awesome goal, and will require a lot of more work...unless the program you utilize does that for you, which would make it easy. :) But, will it sound good? I mean, well, right now I cannot see the sheet music because I am on my mobile, and I do not remember which key it was in. Regardless, if it is in a Major key, and you plan on playing it in all keys, including minors, wouldn't the essence of it change? Same in vice versa. Well, it would, but the sound would me more than different. Would it also stay in pure minor, or would you make them harmonic, or melodic? Hrh sorry, I am so very curious now :)

Ikran Ahiyìk:
I mean the whole book with all the 44 phase (this is 27th). ::)
Horner composed all of them. (it's key signature not key - some of the keys, mostly major keys, didn't use)

(This is a minor work, just for outlook of the sheet, listeners won't hear it.)

For a single phase, I even try to change key signatures as few as possible. In this one, I used b, a#, and a only, much more accidentals then others'.

Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato):
Well sran, I know its key signature, I just didn't want to write it over and over... ::) Anyways, so not in all key sigs I see, and srane, accidentals.. But, if accidentals are used in at least more than three measures in a row, it would be more of a modulation.

Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato):
Regardless of key sigs hrh, it is TXANTSAN work and awesome that you notated it ^-^


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