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Tìska'a Kelutalä - The Destruction of Hometree

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Ikran Ahiyìk:
No. Move to here ma frrtu. The Complete Score.

This maybe my last attempt to post my work here...
I feel your support, I may try to upload other phases. Keep on... thanks!

It seems more people want to see the sheet of this track. Take a look first...

This is actually one phase from a book, so the bar numbers maybe a bit strange, and the name of the great composer James Horner goes to the cover, not here.

It was arranged in late April (a late date for you...), all hand-drafted, now I am inputing them. It is still in process, all the expressions and slurs are missing, maybe fingerings also, and I haven't arrange the positions for page flipping. It is arranged for live performance.

This is my FIRST attempt on this kind of thing, and I maybe not old enough, hope it is acceptable and you will like it... :P

Is there any way I can support you? I love this. You're very talented. What program do you use?

Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato):
Agreed, this work is VERY good.  :)

Ikran Ahiyìk:

--- Quote from: Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato) on November 03, 2010, 06:05:24 pm ---Agreed, this work is VERY good.  :)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Hawnuyu Kelutral on November 03, 2010, 05:25:09 pm ---Is there any way I can support you? I love this. You're very talented. What program do you use?

--- End quote ---

Mengar oe seiyi irayo...
It's hard to believe there are replies so quick. :)

Same as Payoang, I use Sibelius 6 also.

Support? Hmm... you may check out these

* Full hand-draft
* The video on YouTube - with edited soundtrack and the draft - as sad as the one you brought, few viewings...Spoiler

This is very good! Glad to see a digital copy of your sheet music from April!

--- Quote from: Ikran Ahiyìk on November 03, 2010, 08:38:07 am ---...

--- End quote ---

OH GOD! (I still want to play it though)


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