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Tsam - War (complete 28')

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Ikran Ahiyìk:
No. Move to here ma frrtu. The Complete Score.

Read this first if you haven't, some messages there. ;)

Just complete stage 1 input, the notes, up to phase 38. Another sheet here...

The whole XIII. Tsam (War) contains 7 phases, 36-42, other from 36 here is the most popular part.
The three phases was arranged in May 7-23, it is quite difficult.

It is grouped from OST and the complete score, so there are differences.
37 and 38 is from one track, but it is too long after the combination.

Again it is arranged for live performance, but level is HIGH probably, to get nearer to the original track. Not for beginners. :'(

Spoiler: Stage 1 - Remaining phases39. The Battle Continues (see #3, posted in Nov 9)
40. Quartich Down (see #3, posted in Nov 9)
41. Fight to the Death (see #6, posted in Nov 11)
42. A New Beginning (see #6, posted in Nov 11)
43. I See You
44. Into the Na'vi World

Hope you will like it also, and hope there is someone interested to discuss with me, giving comments on this. :P
I wait for you anytime. :)

Can't wait to see the whole thing. Btw, I like it difficult. :P

Ikran Ahiyìk:
Fwa tuteo tsar perey, oe prrte' lu nìngay. :D

You may have to wait a few days more, I think it's around 5-10...
Fight to the Death is complicated...

And anyone knows how to upload MIDI files to here?

Thanks ;)

Ikran Ahiyìk:
The Battle Continues and Quaritch Down is completed just before I go to sleep... Enjoy! ;)

Whoaaa. This is epic!


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