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"...they say."
« on: July 18, 2010, 07:59:16 pm »
This is something I wrote up last night. It was made in a parkour mindset, but I thought some you might like it.  :)

"What are you?" they say. I am nothing you cannot be. Your body has the same capabilities as mine. We may look different, but we are the same. "How can this be, for you can do things I can't." You can do everything I can do. No, there is nothing you cannot do. All you must do is move; your mind will do the rest. Let your body become free; let it swim through the land as a fish swims in water. Your mind can take you anywhere, but you must choose where it is you want to go.

"Teach me," they say. How can I teach one who already knows? This movement, this freedom, requires nothing but your own will. Will yourself into doing; that is how you learn.

"Show me," they say. There is nothing to show, for it has already been shown. Have you not seen what is around you? The animals move through the trees with ease; why not you too? You have every power, every ability, that they do. You are them, for they are you.

"Perfect me," they say. Is there truly a way to perfect when all is perfect? Your first movement, it is perfect. "But I have fallen! Surely this isn't perfect?" This fall you speak of may not be perfect to you, but it is. It is perfect because you have done it. The only way something is not perfect is when it hasn't been done.

"Enlighten me," they say. Can one be enlightened when they already are? All you need to do is awaken to the fact, even though it has been done already.
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