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Srane, it was good. Last two nights were mostly clear and seems that today sky will be clear again after midnight. Summer nights are short here but there is many interesting things to observation on summer night sky, always :)

Summer nights get shorter the further from the Equator you go, and also the longer the twilight.

True, I know... I would like to live more close to equator and ideally on southern hemisphere because southern night sky is such beautiful although nothern night sky is nice too, if you are on place without light pollution.

No arguments from Me! I would suggest you move to the northern Atacama desert, but it's not ideal for anyone who likes to have oxygen to breath!

Honestly, I would like to live on place with such great location on the Earth and conditions for stargazing like Atacama desert is although you are right that Atacama desert is not too ideal place for life.
Is it bad with light pollution at your location?


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