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Make a Wish, Make it Useless!!!!

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Big telescopes are no longer so expensive, but that is because they are poorly made and fall apart easily.

I wish there was a Werewolf: The Apocalypse LARP here.

It will be, but unfortunatelly it will be not what you expect and it will be big disappointment for you.

I wish Avatar sequels bring us a lot of new learners of Na'vi and also they never lost interest.

Tan Jala:
Granted but they are slow learners.

I wish next avatar movie woud be great as well as first one was.

Next Avatar movie is really great, even better than first movie... but you have incredible mischance and for many reasons you are not able to watch it.

I wish all Avatar sequels were great and thanks it there would be created even more next Avatar movies.

There are, and due to the colosal profits Avatar2, 3, 4 and 5 bring in, the budgets for 6, and 7 are simply enormous! Sadly hackers manage to delete the whole entire movies before they make it to theaters. And due to the costs involved, they are not remade.

I wish there were no malicious hackers, no malware, no botnets, no spyware, no computer viruses (no viruses period).


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