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Make a Wish, Make it Useless!!!!

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Huge solar eruption happen and completely all electronic devices on Earth are destroyed so then no malware, no botnets, no spyware, no computer viruses...

I wish we had enough powerful telescopes capable to capture detailed images of near exoplanets.

We do, however they are all pointed at Earth, watching for terrorist attacks, people traffickers, and drug smugglers.

I wish Donald Trump had never been born.

Donald Trump never born... but instead him, someone far more worse born and become next US president and then really terrible things will happen.

I wish bad people never became politicans with big power.

Granted but the good people in power are inept.

I wish anthropocentrism was never a thing.

It is... but after some time you realise that it would be good idea.

I wish bright comets (visible by naked eye) were more frequent on night sky (but no collisions with Earth, of course! ;D )


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