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Neytiri is watching you again!

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She is BACK!

*evil laugh* ;D ;D ;D

The old topic.


Eana Unil:
Why was she gone anyway? ;D

This is awesome  ;D


--- Quote from: Eana Unil on February 26, 2017, 09:03:52 am ---Why was she gone anyway? ;D
--- End quote ---
There was an ads modification for SMF 1.1.x (previous forum software) that became imcompatible with SMF 2.0.x (current software) and that modification was responsible to display Neyney. There is still that mentioned modification for the current version available, but the mod author added copyright stuff and there was a few other reasons for not using that mod.

Anyway, I have written completely new code for let displaying Neytiri and that Minecraft thing in their sections. :) I know it took a while, but yeah. ;D


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