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Sentence of the day with Utral Aymokriyä

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Well, I thought it would be fun to discuss the funny sentences generated by Pamìrìk's bot Utral Aymokriyä on Twitter.
What if we post every day a strange or funny sentence?

I'll start with:

Tsyol li tìleymkemti srefpìl
The flour still presumes the protest
(srefperìl would be better)

It doesn't make sense but hey, it's grammatically possible. ;) ;D

Sweya eyktanayìl säsrätxti pe'un
The best deputy/general decides the annoyance.

Kxamtsengìl atxantslusam momeka panti nìnänän kar
The wise center teaches less and less the hollow third.

Nìtxankeltrrtrr pxengal tìhonati atuvom lek
The three of you obey the greatness cuteness of all.

Tirea Aean:
Hah, nice. I forgot that nìtxankeltrrtrr and tuvom existed

EDIT: this one from a few days ago looks fun

toruk maktoti afwel pxoel pxelo ralpeng
We[3] translate the broken Rider of Last Shadow 3 times.

I just like how this one sounds, slight tongue twister?


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