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What's your weather like?

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What's your weather like?

'Oma Tirea:

--- Quote from: Ilisaqpuq on November 15, 2010, 11:13:03 pm ---Blizzard warning here :D 70kmph winds are predicted to join the party early next morning.


--- End quote ---

TSe, Kaltxì, ma Notherner ::)

Today: light snow, chilly-ish day (don't have a specific temperature)....

Txur Niftxavang:
Here in Florida...  Light 65, wind NE 10, to 15mph.   Rain!   Lots of rain. Clouds, to go with rain!   

Super foggy, 43 degrees. Typical November day. :D

Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato):
Where I am in Fl, its hot and humid. I want snow :P


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