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Well we are into the pre season, just watching steelers play redskins

Jak Dawsiin:
wow, this thread is 4 years unreplied lol. well, it's the start of the 2017 NoFunLeague season, and my Pittsburgh Steelers are gonna try for that elusive 7th SuperBowl (all without cheating there, beliCHEAT*, ShadyBrady*, and the CHEATriots*). we woulda had it already, except mike 'i can't catch a pass' wallass couldn't make any catches in that superbowl against the gb packers in 2011, grrrrr.

any other football fans in here? except for you CHEATriot* apologizers.

Jak Dawsiin:
well, the 2017 season is underway!  :D

the CHEATriots***** got whoopered down by the KC Chiefs and i am ecstatically happy at that! sadly, in a divisional season opener with the Cleveland Browns, in Cleveland, we barely pulled off a 21-18 win, 134 yards lost on 11 penalties, and most of our offense off the hands of one guy, 182 yards receiving from The Man, Antonio Brown! we did have 7 sacks and a blocked punt touchdown, but man that game was sloppy and messy. egads!  :o  but a win is a win, i guess.


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