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Eywayä mokri:
Do we have some news for this chat anyway...? :)

Orite. The fail-attempted AJAX chat...fell apart, since it didn't work. Bah. Still looking around for other options. Perhaps a Java interface to connect directly to the IRC channel?

Eywayä mokri:
I am sure you'll find. :) By the way the skype chat functions really well so far. :)


--- Quote from: Ptxèrra on December 27, 2009, 02:45:00 pm ---
--- Quote from: Seabass on December 24, 2009, 07:04:12 am ---So, Ajax Chat didn't quite work. I'll play around with a few different options.. until then, Skype it is!

--- End quote ---

thats becouse of the AJAX part from ajax chat, never use something with the name AJAX in it!!!!
its venomous, deadly, creepy, evil, root of al evel, and certainly bad for Na'vi
(explaination of this crap, ajax is a soccer (i prefer calling it football!!!)club in holland, they are worse than the worst)

if you get your football near there goal they fall on the floor jelling they where tackled, and the judge obviously gets fooled in that joke (also they an as part of illuminati so they are evil)

so if you pick a vacantion to A'dam NEVER buy ajax stuff and NEVER NEVER go to Rotterdam wearing that CRAP, couse they beat you up (more evidence of ajax = evil)

ahhhhhhhhhh a relief, i needed to say it ;)

--- End quote ---

I laugh hard with this one :P
sry, but as a brasilian I gota say none of you knows how to play soccer! :P



txum tukru:
a replacement chatroom till this websites is up and running!'vi?skin=green&lang=en


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