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Allowing ' into usernames

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Tirea Aean:
This is a test.

* Tirea 'Aean adds a ' temporarily to username
Okay, so You actually can change your display name to have an apostrophe character. I guess the actual Username cannot have apos.

What you can do to add the ' back in, is to go to and then fill out the Name field how you like (with the apostrophe) and then enter your password in the Current password field, then click the Change profile button. :D

I can not remember why exactly SMF makes an difference between username and display name. An apostrophe will cause issues for example sending PMs to someone. The scripts that perform sending a PM would not work if an apostrophe is a part of the username. SMF is hadling that by using usernames, other forum software are using IDs or something else.

Tirea Aean:
I remember that. Oh what a pain in the txìm...

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
I ran into this problem very early on, and never understood why this is until now. To this day, my username starts with `eylan. That is actually the 'grave accent' character, even though the grave accent mark belongs over the letter it modifies.

Do I remember that here was a work around, for sending PM's to members with a ` in their name?


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