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Allowing ' into usernames

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Hiya! As some know, my na'vi name is Ewa'tuì.

I wasn't able to register my name that way because ' aren't allowed. So I went with Ewa tuì.

Maybe allow ', but only one or two? So people don't spam them? And that their names can't be plain '?
Or, even better, allow people to have ' but they have to go through a process of having it accepted by a mod before it is used.

Just a suggestion. ♥

Hmm, interesting that ' is not allowed.
In any case I intentionally rather choiced name without special letters and characters ;D


Well, the reason is because ' is an element used by php for programming. The forum's username is an important part for various funcions of the forum, and that's why one can't add ' as part of a username.

Yeah, that is understandable. I didn't consider about programming...

Tirea Aean:
It's actually kinda dumb that the workaround that SMF chose to get around SQL injections is to just not allow the apostrophe character whatsoever. They totally could still have prevented injections while still allowing that character in usernames / display names.


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