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Cloudflare's "one more step"

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I guess an admin will have to look at this. This is not normal.

Ma Wìllm,

Did your post contained some "weird" code or sighs? Just because there are some characters that might scare the CloudFlare security thing.
I really would like to help but Markì controlls all the CloudFlare toys.

I think you are right in that it seems to be coupled to specific posts. For example, the CAPTCHA seems to appear always when I press Edit on this post: and then click Save.

But I don't know what should trigger it. I don't see any weird code in there... :-\

Edit: this post triggers it too, it seems. Maybe it's the URL?

Blue Elf:
Well, I think it happened to me a few times too, but I don't remember, how I solved that problem.

Just noticed that the forum isn't seeing an IP address for you Wllìm. Normally when I scroll through posts, every post shows an IP address of where it was submitted from, but all of your posts don't show an IP. My wild guess is that is likely related to this issue. Could you PM me your IP address? I wonder if you might be on an IPv6 only connection, and the forum doesn't display IPv6 addresses very well. At this point, just trying to rule out anything I can.


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