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Cloudflare's "one more step"

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I often get redirected to a Cloudflare page with a Google CAPTCHA on it when I want to send or preview a message. This used to happen only intermittently, but today it happens every single time when I try to send or preview a message. This is very annoying, since solving those CAPTCHAs takes like 30 seconds each time... time which I could also have used to edit and improve my post ;)

Are any others experiencing this?

Edit: of course, disproving my point, I was able to send this post without going through a CAPTCHA ::) Still a solution would be welcome...

I've never got any captcha on LN in 6 years...

Same here, no experience

This is what I get:

O.o ... eltur tìtxen si

This really never happend me.


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