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Sequel countdown timer

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Eana Unil:
It may be just a little gimmick, but since we're all so desperately waiting for the sequels, I thought (inspired by Ertew mentioning a countdown timer for the sequel) a little countdown timer on the forums or main page of could be a fun thing. Since we know Avatar 2 will hit theaters on Dec 18th 2020 and it's more or less (slowly but steadily) coming/crawling within reach... ^^

Nice idea! ;D :)

Sunu oeru! Oel new pumit f├Čtsenge XD

Here are my banner:

or (if forum allows me to put second link into img tag):

Todo: font, background, ssl, better link. But feel free to use second link in img tag anywhere.

Oh, nice  :)

Thanks for making!

Toruk Makto:
Ok, that's pretty cool.  :D


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