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Started by Kyttin13, September 12, 2019, 09:57:11 PM

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I'd like some gramatical help with a couple "Fun Phrases" of my own creation:
1) "Never walk faster than your ikran can fly!" (Has meaning for our family!)
"Kawkrr tíran ní'ul níwin to ngeyä ikran tsun (lu tsun?) tswayon!"
Correct grammatical order? (I'm sure that's not it! Lol!)

2)(Harry Potter fans might get a chuckle from this one!)
"Never tickle a sleeping ikran!"
"Kawkrr (tickle?) a (says its the same word in na'vi!) ahusahaw ikran!"


"Kawkrr srätx a ahusahaw ikran!" (Never bother a sleeping ikran???) Is that better? Still need help with grammatical order...

Eana Unil

Hmm I have to admit that these aren't that easy. The structure of the first sentence is quite difficult for me to translate and since it's rather late here already, I'll skip it for now. Maybe someone else has a good idea :)
As for the second sentence, we lack a word for "to tickle". But I'll give it a shot anyway.
Btw, in general, when giving negative commands (don't!) rä'ä is used right in front of the verb of the sentence. Kawkrr is not really needed in these, since "never do" = "don't do", kinda.

2) (Kawkrr) tìtxen rä'ä s(iv)i ikranur ahusahaw!
(Kawkrr) tìtxen rä'ä seyk(iv)i ikranit ahusahaw!