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Kaltxi, I would like to know how to build a sentence in Na'Vi because I galley a little. Thank you
Kiyevame. eywa ngahu

Eana Unil:
Kaltxì and welcome here :)

Well, that depends on the sentence you want to build, I guess. For complex sentences you'd have to learn the language (somewhat at least) imo, for simpler sentences some online recourses may suffice already.

What do you want to translate?

Kaltxi I would like to translate for example: I will eat thanator. for me it is: oel ka yom palulukanit or oeru yom palulukanit. I would love to have a guide a site for especially the sentences or the story to put a, ur, tx, ... Thank you


Welcome, ma Antoine ;)

Well, the first attempt is almost correct:

oel yom palulukanit

But this is only the base structure (after the English, or so many other languages’ model). Na’vi gives you free range to arrange the sentence in all 6 possible word orders.

yom oel palulukanit
oel palulukanit yom

You’re a French speaker, right? I bet you can find a lot of useful information here. Xelloss has created a Na’vi for dummies kind of guide ;) It teaches you the basic structures of Na’vi.

Yes I am French. I try to translate it: you are stupid. Ngaru read skxawng. its good ?



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