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Na'vi Linguistics: Tense and Aspect

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Eywayä mokri:
I'll add this link to the "For beginners" topic.

Thanks a lot. :)


--- Quote from: wm.annis on December 24, 2009, 12:00:52 pm ---I look forward to seeing the verb charts when the grammar is published.

--- End quote ---

Fìtxeleri Sìzer Sìsterzìyä tìrolyä aungia ke slivu nìngay.  ;)

On this front, let's just hope that the Scissor Sisters' song's omen does not materialize.


Thank you very much for posting this! Really helped me get a full understanding of what I thought I knew.

Pxay-Krr Irayo.
(Thank you very much)

Was that anywhere close? Lol

Maweya Tanhì:
This information was absolutely invaluable to me!

Can perfective and imperfective markers only be used with the meaning of "past"? I mean...you can have an action in the future that will be completed, or that will be on progress, but I don't even know if it's possible to put together tense and aspect marks in one verb (e.g future tense + perfective).

And....in the learn Navi pocket guide it says that the past tense is "hunted" and the perfective would be "has hunted" but since perfective aspect gives an idea of a completed action wouldn't it be better translated as "hunted" too?

Besides, you said that perfective and present perfect are not the same thing. What I could understand is that, the past tense and the perfective aspect gives the same ideia. (I don't know, never really understood present perfect tense cus english is not my first language)

One more thing...how can I say "Hunting (now)"? The guide says that t<er>aron means was hunting, so how can I say IS hunting?

Feel like my brain is melting...it's so confusing


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