Na'vi tutorial for beginners from a beginner

Started by EyeOfPython, October 20, 2014, 05:08:26 PM

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Hello fellow community,

I invested some of my free time to make a tutorial for the Na'vi language. I'm still a beginner of it, but I always enjoy teaching, and it also helps me to understand it better.
I focused on the Plural Form and the Pronouns, i.e. real basic matter, and I hope you like it.

However I fear one thing: Did I make serious errors and mistakes? Exspecially in the pronounciation I had my doubts (e.g. e vs. ì), but please don't s*** me, as my motivation to do more tutorials depends on the feedback.

Also don't mind that the recording got a bit messed up, as I spoke very silent from time to time. If the sentences are too messed up, I have to add subtitles (meh..)

Here is the link:, I hope you enjoy it.
If I make errors, don't hesitate to correct me.


Kaltxì, ma EyeOfPython,

quite an achievement you posted there! YouTube in connection with Prezzi is really good for demonstrating and sometimes it flows :D

Concerning your pronunciation, I thought it was very good (as you say yourself that you are a beginner).
You are right, though, your ì sound a bit like e.

If you have difficulties to produce the short i at the end of a word, make word boundaries your friend ;) let the ì elide into the next cononant and often you get a result that is close to a sound in your native tongue. For example with + txe'lan, if you elide that to mì_te'lan, you arrive at a word that almost sounds like German ,,mit" (short i, as opposed to ,,Miete") which makes it easier to produce.

One other mistake I noticed is the plural forms of ay+ when colliding with a word beginning with y. I don't know where you found that information but "birds" is ayyayo, "lovers" is ayyawntu, so the two y remain in writing. ;)

Otherwise, very enjoyable and you have a pleasant voice.

Tirea Aean

Nice video!

I think it's quite well done for someone who claims to be a beginner. :D

I think one of the hardest things for native German-speaking people is to pronounce Na'vi letter e correctly as [ɛ] instead of [e]. Na'vi doesn't have the [e] vowel and German apparently must not have the [ɛ] vowel, I guess is the source of this.  It's not a huge issue that prevents understanding, though.

And all the things Plumps said. :)


Thank you for your replies :)

" Before words starting with y the plural prefix ay+ is unchanged, ayyerik. Wiki (18/4/2010)", Horen leNa'vi
I added the annotations, I don't know either where I got this from.

Quoteyou have a pleasant voice.
You're the first one to say this^^
If I make errors, don't hesitate to correct me.