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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
I am sure a number of folks here will find this ke meoauniaea nìwotx, but it appears that there is now an Avatar-themed slot machine, and this machine is catching on.

Here is the page from slot machine maker International Game Technology (IGT), who has released a line of Avatar-themed slot machines licensed by James Cameron. Here is their page about these machines http://www.igt.com/us-en/games/game-families/james-camerons-avatar.aspx

I was alerted to the existence of these machines by a friend of mine, who spotted them in a local casino. Being that IGT is based here in Reno, there are a couple casinos here that tend to be showcases for their newest machines. This particular casino, the Bonanza Casino, is also close to where I work, and I frequently eat in a restaurant there, so I will check it out in the next couple of days. (This casino was also featured in the movie 'The Muppets' (2011), the same building with a different, dubbed-in name.)

One interesting feature of these machines is you can personalize your character when you have built up enough playing experience.

Eltur tìtxen si, slä my first thought: Avatar + Game =

Did they screw up like with the video game? I'm scared...

This I await with interest.

DJ Makto:
I actually had the privilege of running $20 through one of these (and getting $24.08 back!) while in Vegas for the CES.

I found them at the following Casinos:

-The Orleans
-The D

It was a fun experience albeit shallow (you really can't explore much depth of the meaning of the movie in a slot machine)

There were some interesting things to note though:

There was a fair amount of spoken Na'vi dialogue AND the machines featured glasses free 3D.

Was it correct Frommerian Na'vi?
Were there subtitles?


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