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Avatar game announced to be made by Kabam. :D

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I saw this on Avatar's Twitter page and thought I would share it, it sounds fun, it is meant to be a mobile strategy game, that will be updated more and more as the sequels come out, yet another way to explore Pandora :) (If this has been posted somewhere else, Oeru txoa livu.)


Yes, I saw this. I cannot explain how exceted I am ma aytsmuk!  ;D
This also presents an opprotunity to have something to do in class when I'm bored. Seriously, Geometry Dash, MCPE, and Smash Hit are starting to get old.

Srane, I'm not a huge gamer, BUT I will do anything to get to explore the universe of Avatar even more, when this comes out, I plan on getting on board, roaming Pandora, and connecting with my aysmuk through this platform.  :) :) :)

I'm a huge gamer, and I will jump on board.

It is a shame a bit that ot would be a strategy. Kabam doesn't develop good games at all and this rts would be very simplified I think. But I will wait and try it out when it will be available.
I would rather play a good fps or rpg in this world.


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