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We have all thought about it, and even the producers of Avatar "said" they were thinking about it.
But then, nothing happened. Has this idea died? or has it become a secret?

IMHO Avatar: The Game was a failure....in that it was released befre the movie, and the lack of story..
Not to mention it became redundant.

With that aside, I cant help but wonder how an MMO would succeed where "The Game" failed...
Ive spent a good amount of my free time just thinking about how it would be, feel, and play.

Ive tried very hard to dig up any info on an MMO possibility, but alas nothing to be found.

Im certian this has been discussed before, a LONG time ago im sure..I feel that I must bring this back up.
You never know what will happen  ;)

Avatar MMO Would be successful im believe in that, the game will grow! There will be sequels to the First Avatar, and with that in mind the will be new content for the MMO as time goes by...

But lets start with the idea, how it begins, how you are born or brought into the MMO as EITHER a human, or Na'vi.

The first Avatar Game (those of you who played it)  you were a human at the begginning, and you were a driver of an Avatar...just like the movie.
You were able to choose to be a human or Na'vi later on..
I believe this is a bad way to start the game if it were an MMO.

The MMO should start out as you choose at the VERY beggining whether you are a Na'vi or human.
At some point later in the game a human might be able to cross over into the Na'vi world.....anyway.

Born as a Na'vi: If you choose to be a Na'vi at the start of the game, you start as an infant and as a little time goes by you grow into an adult Na'vi, based on skills, hunting abilities, getting your Ikran...and fighting off the Humans.
As a Na'vi you have paths that you may choose from such as a Hunter (Ikran), horseman (dire horse) or both as time goes by.

Brought as a Human: The same way Jake Sully was brought in, 6 years in space until you arive at Pandora.
then you begin basic training as either a pilot, a gun suit operator.

Im working on specifics, so I will make changes to this idea as time goes by, and all of you bring new ideas into the thought of an MMO.

Tsuksìm atsawl (KaPTan):
I like.

Tirea Atstunwi:
Awesome!!!!!! Your idea is fantastic ;)

Human No More:
I like it, but I REALLY doubt there will be many (if any at all) human players :P


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