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Avatar MMO Confirmed?!

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DJ Makto:
I really hope this happens--but done right.

Being a long time veteran and player of MMO games, I have seen a lot of MMOs based on TV and movie franchises fall flat for various reasons: flawed mechanics, limited expansion of the existing storyline, developers more focused on making money and subscriber counts rather than retaining existing players through creating compelling worlds/sandboxes to play in.   

There is a lot potential for an Avatar MMO, if its done right... I really hope that James Cameron takes a more involved role in helping shape it, as it would increase the probability of it being something great. Provided it does not detract from Avatar 2-3. :P

This sounds interesting. I wander if it will be Faction based, such as World of Warcraft's Horde vs. Alliance with the Na'vi Vs. Humans. Or at least have the ability to the story/game from each side. Hoping they are creative enough to have enough material to draw off of, for the core story plus future expansions.

Na'vin Nos'feratxu:
We can only hope, but info is scarce right now, and we might not here about it for a while.
But I'll keep looking and when I find something I'll bring it here :)

I thought about doing something like this myself :P

Na'vin Nos'feratxu:

--- Quote from: bommel on May 18, 2011, 09:22:17 am ---I thought about doing something like this myself :P

--- End quote ---

Well, its never too late Bom!
I am actually looking to make a few threads for official info and progress of any Avatar games.
Would you like to pitch in with me and do them together?


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