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keye'ung makto:
after see'ing the movie 9 times in theaters (obsessive much? i know )
buying the soundtrack

and spending hours helping write the wiki

a team of modders have taken it apon themselves (myself included) to recreate the paradise that is pandora

and so far we have a decent looking na'vi race for the game

but we need help with everything from VOICE ACTING to making modles for plants to bring pandora's fauna to life.

if anyone knows any one who can help voice act  (in na'vi of course) please visit this forum page and help us
this is a great oppertunity for people who want to vocaly use the language to do so as vice acters

Nìwotxkrr Tìyawn:
It looks nice, but I think that you could add some depth to the muscles, looks a little too flat.

Interesting... if this mod gets a lot of work done on it... i may actually consider reinstalling oblivion on my computer. XD I'm still learning the language, and managing a few projects of my own, else i would consider helping with this, but The Midsummer's Nights Dream translation is taking up all my free time. :(

keye'ung makto:
indeed at the time of that image (about 2 weeks ago) it was only  10-20% finished

there are more
effective images in showing it

doesnt show muscular structure

the male has a 6 pak but  this img is also pretty old, no images have been added for a few days

a Hight Test


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