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Remember back in January when on the Avatar FB page announced a new iOS/Android game coming in May?
Well, I found it, and it's still in beta. I officially beta test a lot of Android games (particularly Minecraft PE), and I am looking for a link so I can beta test AVATAR: Warrior's Journey. By looking at screenshots, it looks like it is a Geometry Dash/Temple Run/Jetpack Joyride (I play the crap out of those three games) crossover.
On the Google Play Store page, it says it is incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S4. The MCPE beta said the same thing until I clicked the beta test link, and I could install it.

Here is what I found:
If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

EDIT: It now says that is is not available in my country. (United States)

I can't find that game on Google Play by regular search...
...so apparently,

--- Quote ---Booster Pack CEO Kent Byers says that the team has no estimated time for a global release right now, and that the studio won’t be “rushing it” either. It’s only available in Singapore at the moment.
--- End quote ---
Source: https://www.techinasia.com/booster-pack-avatar-warriors-journey-preview/

Well, that sucks.  :(


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