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I decided to try an Avatar videogame for myself, and I successfully got my friend to help me out with creation.
One of the components is that it could be part First Person Shooter and part Third Person Shooter. And if you don't wear the Exopack for a bit and you're exposed to the Pandoran atmosphere you'll die.

and you play the human shooting what...animals and Na'vi on Pandora?

Wait, you want to do your OWN video game?

If so, In what language do you code? Or do you use an editor?

Btw, can u need help with the 3d models an levels, or something like this?

I would like to help you with this 3D stuff. if you want so

I use blender to make everything.
You can play as the Na'vi or the Humans.
My friend is helping me with the coding, but is there anyone who could help me with the UVing and Texturing?

Oh great, i use also blender For my 3d stuff. And youre coding in python right?

Sounds interesting, please add me in msn([email protected]) or in skype(pharno_)


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